Is a DJI Mini 3 Pro Release Just around the Corner? New Leaked Video Drives Speculation

BY Zacc Dukowitz
5 April 2022

Toward the end of last year a list was circulating in the drone industry that supposedly contained the products DJI planned to launch in 2022. And top on the list was the DJI Mini 3, slated for launch in April.

About three weeks back we covered a leaked blueprint and picture of a product box for the Mini 3.

Some were skeptical that the product box image was legitimate, but since then more leaks have been coming out, making it seem more and more likely that a Mini 3 and/or Mini 3 Pro will be launched soon. (Some rumors have referred to a Mini 3 and some have referred to a Mini 3 Pro, so it’s unclear if both or just one might be released soon.)

Last week, a new case for the DJI Mini 3 Pro popped up on a German company called MC-Cases:


Despite the lack of any public announcement on DJI’s part, the text on the MC-Cases page makes it seem like the Mini 3 release has been confirmed and will happen soon.

Important notice: This item is not yet available! We are working on the development as soon as we receive the Mini 3. You can reserve a copy in advance and cancel at any time. We expect a high demand therefore the possibility of pre-order. When or if the drone will come we can not say at this time.

Leaked Video of the DJI Mini 3

Some have speculated that MC-Cases is just trying to get attention by putting the Mini 3 Pro case up on its website, but since the case was posted even more leaks have come out.

One of the big leaks yet for the Mini 3 Pro came out just a few days ago. In a video shared on Twitter by @DealsDrone, someone holds what looks like a Mini 3 Pro in their hands, spinning it around so you can see it at different angles.

Here’s the leaked tweet:

The same day the video came out, drone industry insider @JasperEllens shared this tweet with still images of the Mini 3 Pro:

What We’ve Learned from These Leaks

Here is what we know about what we can expect to see on the Mini 3 Pro, based on the leaked information that’s come out in the video and still images.

A Three-Axis Gimbal + Camera Improvements


The Mini 3 Pro’s camera will have a lens with a larger maximum aperture of F1.7, which will help with shooting in low lighting.

It will also come with a new three-axis gimbal. As you can see in the image above, the gimbal is located to one side on the drone, which could help shoot vertical videos for social media.

New Obstacle Avoidance Sensors


In the video and stills we can see that the drone has two new ground-facing obstacle avoidance sensors as well as two large front sensors (the DJI Mini 2 only has downward-facing sensors).

A Larger Battery


The Mini 3 Pro has a bigger 2,453 mAh battery, which means that it should have a longer flight time than the Mini 2 (the Mini 2 has a  2,250 mAh battery).

Still Weighs Under 250 Grams


The Mini 3 Pro will weigh 249 grams, just under the 250 gram weight that would trigger a registration requirement with the FAA and several other aviation authorities around the world.

It’s worth noting that the Mini 2 weighs just 242 grams—most likely, the extra 7 grams for the Mini 3 are due to the bigger battery.

What Else Might Come with the Mini 3 Pro?

If we’re to believe that the new leaked video and stills are real, the above information seems fairly reliable.

As we mentioned above, there were several other Mini 3 leaks in mid-March.


Leaked image of the DJI Mini 3

And those leaks did include the same information we reported on here—most notably, those leaks reported that the Mini 3’s camera would have an F1.7 aperture, that it would have improved obstacle avoidance, and that it would have a new gimbal.

So it seems reasonable to think that the other information those leaks contained could also be accurate.

Here is that other information:

  • Camera—1/1.3” CMOS sensor.
  • Design—updated aerodynamic design with a carbon fiber body, large propellers, and downward slanted arms.
  • Modes—ActiveTrack and a vertical mode.
  • Processor—single-chip SoC (System on a Chip) processor.
  • Remote control—new RC with built-in screen.
  • Transmission system—OcuSync 3.0.

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