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Our Mission is to Help You Be a Smart and Safe Drone Pilot

We do this by creating exceptional educational content and by building a worldwide community of like-minded drone pilots with whom you can connect.

What You Can

Expect From Us

We give you multiple ways to connect to the drone industry.

  • Online training courses that help you get certified and build your skill-set
  • Free resource guides that break down important topics like drone insurance
  • Breaking news and in-depth reporting that keeps you current on the industry
  • Weekly digest of all the important news delivered straight to your inbox
  • Exclusive access to free giveaways of drones, conference tickets and other goodies if you subscribe to our email list
  • Access to a community forum and a Facebook group where you can connect with each other and get inspired

We Help You

Get Ready

Luck favors the prepared. When you’re prepared, you set yourself up for success, whether it’s a work project or a hobby flight. We teach you the rules, how to fly and what to buy as well as everything you need to know about drone insurance and U.S. certification.

We help you fly smart so you can take advantage of opportunities that come your way.

Your Success

Is Our Top Priority

We started UAV Coach to help you use drones to push your business, organization or hobby forward. Our goal is to help people all over the world. Our customers range from large multi-national corporations to drone entrepreneurs to public safety organizations like police and fire departments.

When we see our customers succeed, we know we’re doing things right.

Adopt A

Safety Mindset

Drones can do good if used responsibly. Drones can save lives, decrease costs, and increase efficiency, but only when they’re flown responsibly. We believe that everyone in the drone industry should do their part to promote safety.

We create educational content that promotes having a safe pilot mindset before, during and after your flights.


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How We

Got Started

My name is Alan Perlman, and I founded UAV Coach back in 2014 after crashing my first drone in downtown Manhattan. I was too excited. I hadn’t taken the time to properly train. I throttled my DJI Phantom 1 upward to about 20 feet, quickly lost control, and didn’t know how to bring it back down. The next few seconds were terrifying. I narrowly missed a few cars, a couple of people, the side of a building, and somehow miraculously crashed it into the tire of a parked car.

I started UAV Coach to help people avoid the mistakes I made during that first flight, to show people how amazing the sUAS industry is, how to get involved, how to properly fly, how to get certified, and more.

Since 2014, our team has grown and we’re proud to be a leading information and training source for drone professionals and enthusiasts worldwide.

In 2016, we launched Drone Pilot Ground School, a test prep course for U.S. drone pilots that helps prepare students for the FAA Aeronautical Knowledge Test. Passing this written exam enables you to get a Remote Pilot Certificate to fly commercially. We’ve helped more than 5,000 happy students pass their exam and boast a 99%+ pass rate. We go the extra steps to teach and consult beyond the test and pride ourselves in our friendly and consultative approach to working with students both before and after getting certified.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help push the drone industry forward. To interview professional drone pilots and organizations in the sUAS industry. To share stories and tips and tricks. To showcase the surge in technology and applications we’re seeing in the drone industry each week, and to connect like-minded folks who are interested in getting involved in the industry.

How to Get Involved With UAV Coach

Over the last few years, I’ve had a lot of fun meeting people in the drone industry and exchanging ideas. Don’t be shy. Reach out to say hello!

Below are a few ways to get involved in our community: