Meet Our Team

We’re headquartered in Nashville, TN, but many of our teammates work remotely from wherever they choose, using technology and strong communication to manage and to push projects forward.

Alan Perlman

CEO & Founder

Alan holds an FAA Remote Pilot Certificate and is the lead course instructor for Drone Pilot Ground School. He founded UAV Coach in 2014 to help push the drone community forward with a focus on safety and commercial opportunities.

Lana Axelrod

Chief Strategy Officer

Lana oversees strategic planning and execution for UAV Coach and Drone Pilot Ground School with a focus on partnerships, product development, marketing and customer support. She believes drones are changing the world and that safety is paramount to furthering the industry.

Zacc Dukowitz

Director of Marketing

A writer with professional experience in education technology and digital marketing, Zacc is passionate about reporting on the drone industry at a time when UAS can help us live better lives.

Mike McGuirt

Student Support Manager

A former US Air Force leader in precision measure equipment and global HR support, Mike manages and supports our students over at Drone Pilot Ground School.

Mike is also a high school aerospace science teacher and incorporates drones into his STEM program, helping his students to get trained for a career in sUAS.

David Jensen

Curriculum Consultant

David has been Chief Pilot of an FAA Part 141 flight school (after writing the program); he has been an Adjunct Professor at Dowling College – School of Aviation; he is a high school teacher of Aviation at a technical high school; he is a Certified Flight Instructor; all the while running a multi-state janitorial services organization.

Christian Tucci

Lead Instructor

Christian is the lead instructor of our online course in aerial post-production.

Christian owns and operates a premier aviation and filmmaking consulting firm based on Long Island, New York and is a Principal of Cinematic Aerospace.

Brendan Stewart

Lead Instructor

Brendan is the lead instructor of our online course in aerial thermography.

Brendan is a seasoned aerial thermographer and the Co-Founder and lead education program director at AeroVista Innovations (AVI). Brendan has been flying model aircraft and sUAS since childhood, logging over 2500 flight hours in the process.

Lewis Butler

Lead Instructor

Lewis is the co-lead instructor of our online course in aerial mapping and modeling.

Lewis is an owner of Icarus Aerials, which has been on a variety of major news outlets (MSNBC, CBS, etc.), had work published in the WSJ, and been the focus of features by ENJ and Skycatch.

Trevor Duke

Lead Instructor

Trevor is also a co-lead instructor of our online course in aerial mapping and modeling.

When he’s not operating sUAS for Icarus Aerials which he co-owns with Lewis Butler, he’s overseeing a couple million square feet of commercial property for the Thomas Duke Company.

Miles Perlman

Future Drone Pilot

When he’s not napping or honing his executive motor skills, Miles dreams of one day operating an unmanned aerial system.

In the meantime, it’s all soft foods, fresh diapers, and smiles for this kiddo.