Drone News Roundup: DJI Inspire 3 Rumored for 2022, This Year’s Drone Holiday Gift Guide, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
17 December 2021

This week we’re covering some recent industry rumors about what DJI might have in store for 2022, including a possible Inspire 3 and an FPV Mini.

We’re also covering our 2021 holiday gift guide for those of you who still have holiday shopping left to do, a beautiful drone video from Russia called “Spirit of Altai,” news that Parrot’s 4G-enabled ANAFI Ai will be available starting in January, and a new video from the FAA highlighting the requirements for recreational flyers.

Now on to the links!

DJI 2022 Rumors—Inspire 3, FPV Mini, and More

The DJI Inspire 2 | Credit: DJI

This year has been a doozy when it comes to DJI releases, with DJI launching its FPV drone back in March, then launching a series of three products later in the year that culminated in the release of the highly anticipated Mavic 3. But DJI is never one to rest, and we’re already starting to hear rumors about what it might have in store for 2022. According to an industry insider, next year we might see these launches:

  • April—DJI Mini 3
  • June—DJI RS3, RSC3
  • July—DJI FPV Mini
  • September—DJ Inspire 3
  • November—DJI Pocket 3

If these rumors prove to be true the biggest news by far would be the Inspire 3. The Inspire 2 came out waaaay back in 2016—ancient history in the drone world—and drone enthusiasts have been clamoring for a third iteration of the Inspire for years now. We should note that all of this information, including the timeline above, is still very speculative. But the good news is that DJI leaks abound. If the Inspire 3 or any of these other products really are coming out, we’re sure to hear more about it before too long.


Last Minute Christmas Shopping? Check Out Our Holiday Gift Guide for Ideas

2021 Holiday Drone Gift Guide

Looking for a gift for the drone pilot in your life? Or maybe looking for something to treat yourself here at the end of the year? We’ve updated our Drone Gift Guide for 2021 with all of our top recommendations for drones, drone accessories, and flight ops accessories. What about gifts for the drone pilot who’s thinking about getting commercially certified, or just trying to beef up their flying chops in general? Don’t worry—the guide also has information on drone flying lessons and on Drone Pilot Ground School, our online course to help drone pilots prepare for the FAA’s Part 107 exam.


“Spirit of Altai” Drone Video Shows Natural Beauty of Remote Russia

This beautiful drone video shot in Altai, a region of western Siberia, presents us with a snowy dreamscape that’s perfect for this time of year. According to the video’s maker, “Altai is full of snowy mountains, vast valleys of rivers and forests, deep blue lakes and wavy roads.” The video was shot on a DJI Air 2S and is a great introduction to this beautiful, desolate part of the world.


ANAFI Ai Available Starting in January

Parrot ANAFI Ai Launch Video


Back in July, Parrot unveiled its ANAFI Ai, which uses Verizon 4G LTE connectivity to operate. The Ai is the first drone ever to use 4G as the main data link between the drone and the remote control, giving it enhanced transmission capabilities and enabling precise control at any distance, according to Parrot. The Ai also has robust cybersecurity, since it secures the link between the drone and the drone pilot’s device using an embedded Secure Element, which gives each drone a unique ID. And now you can finally buy it. The ANAFI Ai will cost about $4,000, and will start shipping in January from Parrot resellers around the world—follow the link below to learn more.


FAA’s “Before You Fly” Holiday Video Outlines Best Practices for Recreational Drone Flyers

Holiday Drone Messaging

Drones are a popular holiday gift, and the FAA knows this. That’s why it created this quick informational video for recreational flyers, which highlights:

  • The need to register a new drone and display the registration number on the drone.
  • The need to take the TRUST test (UAV Coach is an authorized TRUST provider).
  • The need to fly below 400 feet.
  • The need to be aware of airspace restrictions before flying.
  • The need to avoid flying over fire fighting operations or over stadiums and other crowded places.
  • The need to avoid flying when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Do you know someone who’s getting their first drone this year? Or maybe you know someone who could use a refresher on what’s required when flying recreationally? Consider sharing this video to help get them up to speed on what’s required.


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