Is the DJI Mini 3 Coming Out Soon? New Leaks Reveal Specs, Images of the Next Generation of One of DJI’s Smallest Drones

BY Zacc Dukowitz
15 March 2022

Since late last year, rumors have been circulating that DJI is planning to release the Mini 3 in 2022.

Right now the Mini 2 is one of the top starter drones on the market. If and when the Mini 3 comes out, it’s sure to help DJI retain that spot in the market.

The rumors started when a site called DroneDeals released a list of forecasted DJI product launches for 2022, and was further fueled by this tweet from DJI insider @OsitaLV made in December of 2021:

At least two leaks seem to add credibility to the idea that a Mini 3 launch is imminent. One leak shows a promo image for Mini 3, and has been met with some skepticism (some people say the image looks doctored, while others think it is a genuine DJI creation).


But the other leak—this one of a video featuring the Mini 3—seems more legitimate. Here’s the video, which was shared by @OsitaLV today:

Rumored Specs for the DJI Mini 3

According to what we’ve seen so far, the Mini 3 will have a fairly different design from the Mini 2, with air vents that look similar to those featured on the Mavic 3 and the drone’s arms hinged at opposite ends from the Mini 2.

Despite the design change, it’s almost certain that the Mini 3 will retain the Mini 2’s 249 gram weight, which falls just below the FAA’s 250 gram weight requirement for registration.

The biggest updates rumored for the Mini 3 are that it will come with obstacle avoidance sensors, improved transmission via DJI’s latest iteration of its OcuSync transmission technology, and a higher frame-rate for video.

Here are all the specs that have been leaked for the Mini 3 so far:

  • Camera—1/1.3” CMOS sensor with an F1.7 large aperture.
  • Design—updated aerodynamic design with a carbon fiber body, large propellers, and downward slanted arms.
  • Gimbal—tilted at a large angle for shooting upward and downward.
  • Flight time—longer flight time (no specifics have been released yet).
  • Weight—still under 249 grams.
  • Modes—ActiveTrack and a vertical mode.
  • Obstacle avoidance—3-directional obstacle avoidance (the Mini 2 doesn’t have this).
  • Transmission system—OcuSync 3.0.
  • Remote control—new RC with built-in screen.
  • Processor—single-chip SoC (System on a Chip) processor.

What Will the Mini 3 cost?

We haven’t heard anything definitive yet about how much the Mini 3 might cost, but we’d guess that it will be in a price range that will keep it competitive with Autel’s new Nano.

The Nano was reportedly made to compete directly with the DJI Mini 2, and currently sells for $649, while the Nano+ sells for $799.

What’s Coming Out on March 21?

DJI recently announced an upcoming product launch, but it doesn’t look like it will be for the Mini 3.


According to rumors, the event may be for a new Matrice and for an automated nest to go with it.

Adding credit to this idea is the fact that the drone is being released by DJI’s Enterprise section, which makes drones for high end commercial and professional use cases like—you guessed it—the Matrice series.

Some rumors are calling the forthcoming Matrice an M400, since it would succeed the M300, while others are saying that it will be called the M30. Either way, we’ll know for sure next Monday.

Sign up here to attend the March 21 launch event.

Other Rumored DJI Launches for 2022

A few weeks ago we wrote about an FCC filing from DJI for a new remote controller called the RC Plus. At the time, the filing spurred rumors that DJI was getting ready to release a new drone, but it doesn’t look like it will be the Mini 3 either.

Instead, that remote control looks like it’s probably meant for two new agriculture drones, the Agras T40 and Agras T20P (pictured below).

Credit: DJI

These two drones were released at the end of last year in China only, and now it looks like they may be released soon in the U.S. as well.

In most predictions for products that DJI might release this year, these two ag drones didn’t even make the list. Here are the ones that did:

  • April—DJI Mini 3
  • June—DJI RS3, RSC3
  • July—DJI FPV Mini
  • September—DJ Inspire 3
  • November—DJI Pocket 3

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