DJI Inspire 3 Tests Shown in New, Secretly Recorded Leaked Video

BY Zacc Dukowitz
20 September 2022

The Inspire 3 leaks just keep coming—and the most recent may be the juiciest yet.

In a new leaked video from drone industry insider @DealsDrone we see a drone that is purportedly the Inspire 3 being tested.

Most drone industry leaks—all of them, really—are made when someone shares information they were given when they shouldn’t, like publishing promotional materials or specs ahead of a launch.

But one thing that makes this latest video intriguing is that it seems to have been shot secretly, without those in it knowing they’re being filmed.

Check it out:

Another regular DJI leaker, @OsitaLV, chimed in as well, seemingly corroborating the Inspire 3 identification by pointing out that there is an RC Plus visible on a chair within the video.

What We Know about the Inspire 3

When we started 2022, not much information was known about the Inspire 3 beyond an unsubstantiated claim that it was on DJI’s release schedule for the year.

According to that information, the Inspire 3 was supposed to be released in September—so, this month.

For a little while, the information about the 3 was so scant that some even thought DJI might drop the line altogether and never release a new one. But, of course, this is no longer the case, and lots of details have been shared since the early months of the year.

Here’s what has been speculated so far:

  • Improved camera—8K at 75fps, 6K at 100fps, 4K at 200fps + a larger CMOS sensor.
  • Updated airframe—could be lighter than the Inspire 2, helping to extend the drone’s battery life.
  • Longer flight time—5-7 minutes or more longer than the Inspire 2’s 27 minutes.
  • Better obstacle avoidance—improved omni-directional obstacle avoidance, including rear sensors.
  • Better transmission technology—O4 video transmission with less latency + an increased flight range.
  • New remote control—most likely the new RC Plus, which comes with DJI’s new Matrice 30.
  • ABS—Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast System, which is now standard on new DJI drones.

And here are some additional features believed to come with the Inspire 3:

  • CineCore 3.1
  • Somatosensory gimbal control
  • Portable video receiver for director
  • Stepless iris adjustment

A Timeline of DJI Inspire 3 Leaks

The sheer number of leaked images and videos of the Inspire 3 seem to dispel any doubt that DJI is planning to continue the Inspire series, and probably intends to launch the 3 this year.

Here’s a quick roundup of all the DJI Inspire 3 leaks we’ve seen this year, starting with the very first one.

April 11—photos of a crashed Inspire 3

These photos were the first substantial evidence that an Inspire 3 was in the works. DJI had discontinued the Inspire 2 in February, a move that fueled speculation that it was getting ready to launch a new generation of the Inspire series—but these images were the first confirmation we had.

April 21—Inspire 3 field test

This video coming out just 10 days after the crash photos added fuel to the speculation fire, confirming that DJI definitely seemed to be working on an Inspire 3.

June 17—two versions of the Inspire 3?

This leaked image led to speculation that DJI could be planning to release two versions of the Inspire 3, as it did by releasing the Mavic 3 Standard and Mavic 3 Cine at the same time.

July 26

July 27

As you can see from following this timeline, the last two months have been quiet on the Inspire 3 front.

But this latest, secretly-recorded video is another sign that the Inspire 3 is in the works, and may well be released before the end of the year.

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