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Drone Training in Florida


Book a Drone Training Class in Cape Coral, FL

drone training cape coral florida terry clunk

Instructor: Terry Clunk

Terry Clunk is a licensed airline pilot and CFI, holds an ATP certificate and an MBS in Aviation Safety, and served in the Army as a helicopter pilot and instructor. Owner of Aerial Perspectives, he works with clients like Fox News. Terry has over 2,000 flight hours on a wide variety of DJI and Yuneec drone models. Terry’s drone work includes cinematography production, editing, real estate, high rise building inspection, and mapping. He enjoys teaching and promoting safety to keep the drone industry going strong and can train you on his DJI Phantom 4 Pro or Mavic 2 Pro or on any DJI drone that you bring.

Training Location

Terry trains students at SE 18th Ave, Cape Coral, Florida 33990

Browse Available Dates

Here’s how it works — Use the buttons below to browse Terry’s availability and to select a date and time for your training. We’ll ask some additional questions and will then follow-up with you to confirm that your class has been booked.

If you need to pay by check, by purchase order, wish to buy drone training as a gift to someone else, or have any other questions, please send an email to or call us at (888) 626-9052

Book a Drone Training Class in Miami Beach, FL


Instructor: Andy Allocco

Andy Allocco holds an FAA commercial pilot’s license for helicopters and airplanes, is a squadron commander of a 58-member unit in the Civil Air Patrol/USAF Auxiliary and was recently appointed to UAV Director of training, integration, and implementation for Civil Air Patrol’s Florida Wing. He also runs Birddog Drones, Inc., a drone services company, leveraging his work in real estate and construction. A former law enforcement officer, investigator and instructor, he attended the University of Florida and University of Miami, Florida. Andrew enjoys seeing students’ faces when they take the controls of a drone and experience a sense of freedom. He can train you on his DJI Phantom 3 or on any DJI drone that you bring.

Training Location

Browse Available Dates

Here’s how it works — Use the buttons below to browse Andy’s availability and to select a date and time for your training. We’ll ask some additional questions and will then follow-up with you to confirm that your class has been booked.

If you need to pay by check, by purchase order, wish to buy drone training as a gift to someone else, or have any other questions, please send an email to or call us at (888) 626-9052

Frequently Asked


Can I book a group of 4 or more?

At this time, we can not accommodate groups of 4 or more students in our classes. This is to ensure each student gets ample hands-on flight training time — if you have a larger group, consider splitting into smaller groups when booking. Thank you!

What kind of drone will I get to fly?

Our coaches train with DJI equipment — you’ll be flying either a DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, or DJI Inspire model. If you have questions about the best professional drone models, we’re happy to help.

Can I bring my own drone?

Yes — many of our students prefer to fly with their own equipment. We’ll ask you to make sure that your firmware is up-to-date, to fully charge your transmitter, phone/tablet and to bring extra batteries. We’ll also ask that you’ve registered your drone through the FAADroneZone portal.

Do I need to be FAA Part 107 certified?

No — our instructors are certified and insured under our company policy, so you don’t have to be. If you’re interested in becoming a certified drone pilot, check out our FAA certification guide. We’d love to help you study!

What about inclement weather?

We won’t make you fly in the rain! We’ll work with you and your local flight instructor to reschedule.

Is this training class right for me?

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. If you’re looking to go deep into the DJI Go 4 app, explore intelligent flight modes and fail-safe settings and to really understand what to do before, during, and after your flight to not only fly safely but to comply with the regulations, then yes, we’d love to see you book time with us.

Is this a test prep class for the FAA Part 107 drone exam?

No — this is a hands-on drone flight class. If you want to get FAA-certified, check out our industry-leading Part 107 online test prep and training course.

Can I buy a class for someone as a gift?

Absolutely! Please email or call us at (888) 626-9052

training is TAILORED TO YOUR


  • Meet with an expert and friendly instructor in a convenient outdoor location, like a park or athletic field
  • Learn on a popular DJI drone model provided by the instructor
  • Have 30-45 minutes of hands-on flying time to master orientation, basic flight maneuvers and more advanced flight skills
  • Walk through the DJI Go 4 app
  • Learn how to handle obstacles such as lost GPS, low battery charge or emergencies
  • Practice flying under various intelligent flight modes
  • Capture photo and video at your flight location
  • Understand best practices of being a safe drone pilot
  • Ask questions about regulations, software, flight operations management, and more

Does your team need hands-on drone training?

We work with companies and organizations

enterprise drone training
group drone training

An engineering team of four from Amgen needed to survey vertical structures. We set up a custom drone training with one of our Los Angeles instructors.

Southeastern Building Corporation wanted to use drones to capture aerial images of their residential and commercial construction projects. Our Nashville drone instructor trained two of their employees.

The Rutherford County GIS Department needed to survey land and infrastructure for things like development projects and flood zones. Our Nashville instructor trained three of their team members.

Fort Valley State University wanted to train 10 graduate students in their Engineering Technology Department to conduct research projects with their DJI Phantom. We built a half-day custom training with two instructors and two drones.

Mike was polished, professional, and a highly effective educator who gave me hands-on experience with tons of tips and pearls.

Sean M trained with our Denver instructor

I had a great time! Terry was an absolutely great instructor, I now feel knowledgeable and confident operating a drone.

Kelli R trained with our Cape Coral, FL, instructor

The training was much more fun and easy than I expected. Andy is very much a gifted instructor. I have no doubts that I chose the correct school for my drone training.

Clyde A trained with our Miami instructor

Pete was extremely knowledgeable in the field of drone photography and answered all of my questions. Lots of fun and can’t wait to continue on with advancing my skills.

Elliott C trained with our Asheville, NC, instructor

The training with Brendan went splendid. While I do have some skills, this was a valuable opportunity to work with a professional.

Debbie J trained with our Chicago instructor

Tom Peden was very knowledgeable and willing to pass on that knowledge. He had numerous real world examples and was able to pass on the most current situation in the field.

Shawn E trained with our Houston instructor

Class was great. Perfect spot. Eric is very patient. Would like to continue taking classes in the future.

Steven G trained with our Springfield, VA, instructor

Erik took the time to address all my concerns and answer every one of my questions.

Max R trained with our Los Angeles instructor



$ 285
  • 2 hours


$ 470
  • 2.5 hours


$ 585
  • 3 hours

Flying Your Drone In Florida

Before your training class, it might be helpful to familiarize yourself with the drone laws in Florida.

If you are flying a drone for fun, you are considered a ‘recreational’ pilot and should be following the Recreational Flyers & Modeler Community-Based Organizations rules. You’ll need to register your drone and to understand where you can and cannot fly.

If you are flying a drone for ‘commercial’ purposes, you’ll need to get your FAA drone pilot certificate. This takes about 15-20 hours of studying and requires you to pass a 60-question multiple-choice exam. Here’s more information about how to get your drone pilot license.

And for fun, here’s a list of the best places to fly your drone in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, and Tampa. Blue skies and safe flying out there!


Drone Training Florida

Drone Flight Training

At a Glance

Training Sessions from 2-3 Hrs

Individual or small group sessions typically start at 2 hours and go up to 3 hours with a larger group — this lets each student get plenty of hands-on 'stick time.'

FAA-Certified Part 107 Pilots

Our instructors are professional, experienced and friendly. All are FAA-certified as Remote Pilots and many have military and commercial aviation experience.

Flight Ops & Intelligent Flight Modes

Take your knowledge to the next level with flight operations apps, pre-flight and post-flight checklists, intelligent flight modes and more.

DJI Equipment & Software

We use popular DJI models to teach you the ins and outs of both the drone hardware and the flight software — transferable knowledge if you're already flying or plan to fly a DJI system.

Multirotor Flight Proficiency

Gain confidence, learn how to handle emergencies and feel in control of the drone. Practice flying both basic and advanced maneuvers.

Regulatory Compliance & Safety

Learn the rules about where and when you’re allowed to fly and stay smart, safe and compliant.