The 5 Best Places to Fly a Drone in Tampa (2023)

A list of the best places to fly your drone in Tampa, Florida.

In this article, we’ve scouted out the best places to fly a drone in Tampa, Florida.

If you live in (or are traveling to) Tampa, please use this page as a resource to better understand not just where to fly, but also where it’s legal and illegal to fly a drone. We provide guidance on regulations to help you stay compliant with both federal and local rules.

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A Sectional Chart of the airspace surrounding Tampa, FL. Source: VFR Map

Tampa Drone Laws — Recreational vs. Commercial

The first thing to understand about flying a drone in Tampa (or any city for that matter) is that under federal FAA regulations, you are either operating recreationally or commercially.

If flying commercially, it doesn’t matter if you’re flying within five miles of an airport. What matters is whether or not you’re in controlled airspace (Class B, C, D or E) or uncontrolled airspace (Class G). If you’re operating commercially in Class B, C, D, or E controlled airspace, you’ll need to request airspace authorization. And you may have to do this through LAANC. When we list locations below, we’ll share whether they sit in controlled or uncontrolled airspace.

Get up-to-date airspace information, including temporary flight restrictions, using free apps like Aloft , Autopylot , or B4UFLY .

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So those are the federal rules.

But what about local Tampa drone laws?

Here’s a guide we put together for drone laws in Florida. Make sure to consult that to see if there are any local drone ordinances you should follow in Tampa. When in doubt, use good judgment and follow the FAA’s guidelines.

Note: The content on this page is meant for informational purposes only and is not meant to take the place of legal counsel. If we missed something, or if you have further questions, please send an email to support[at]uavcoach[dot]com, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Where to Fly a Drone in Tampa

Alrighty—without further ado, here are our top picks for the best places to fly a drone in the Tampa area. We selected these locations based on airspace restrictions, accessibility, and attractions. You’ll find that most of the locations we’ve chosen are located in uncontrolled, Class G airspace where you don’t need to request permission to fly. Additionally, we made sure to highlight any locations with designated sUAS/remote aircraft fields.

1 — Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park

600 N Ashley Dr, Tampa, FL 33602

Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park is located on the Tampa Riverwalk in downtown Tampa, Florida. It sits on an eight-acre riverfront lot on the Hillsborough River. The park is almost all open grass area, which makes this a great location to fly a drone. The Tampa skyline sits right next to the park offering some unique city views. The University of Tampa is located just across the river and adds to the downtown scenery. Drone pilots will enjoy the ample footage opportunity that this location presents. Please always remain vigilant of people and follow the FAA regulations for flight over people.

fly drone curtis Hixon park

Source: Barbthebuilder

2 — Plant Park

S Plant Ave, Tampa, FL 33606

Plant Park is located on the southern end of the University of Tampa campus in Tampa, Florida. The park is adjacent to the historic Henry B. Plant Museum and across from Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park. It features a wide-open green area along the riverfront and the Tampa Fire Stick Fountain. Stunning views of the Tampa skyline and riverfront will make for some epic drone footage. Prior permission is required by the university in order to fly in the park. For more information please check out the official drone regulations here.

fly drone plant park

Source: Ebyabe

3 — Desoto Park

Corrine St, Tampa, FL 33605

Desoto Park is located on the northern shore of McKay Bay in Tampa, Florida. It features a walking trail and open green areas. There is also the main building, basketball court, and swimming pool. The park has a unique grass pier that extends out into the bay. This provides a great vantage point for drone pilots looking to capture beautiful shots of the bay.

fly drone desoto park

Source: Waters.Justin 

4 — Area 52 (AMA Field)

22500 FL-52, Land O Lakes, FL 34637

Area 52 is an AMA field located within the Connor Preserve in Land O Lakes, Florida. The airfield is run and operated by the Bay City Flyers and features two 800-foot intersecting grass runways and wide-open grass areas. There are also pilot shelters with electricity, making it great for drones that need a charge. The natural scenery of this AMA field makes it unique, to say the least. The surrounding water, woodland, and wildlife make this an ideal location for drone pilots.

Vince flying his P47 at Bay City Flyers field

5 — Sunset Park

St. Petersburg, FL 33710

Sunset Park is a quiet park located in St. Petersburg, Florida, that consists of a wide-open green area and mature trees. The park features beautiful views of Treasure Island and the surrounding area. The scenic views and the openness of the park make this a great location for drone flights.

fly drone sunset park

Source: CityofStPete

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