Drone News Roundup: Epic Wrigley Field Cinewhoop, Greece by FPV Drone, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
6 October 2022

This week we’re covering a fun new cinewhoop shot at Wrigley Field, which takes us on an up-close tour of the iconic baseball stadium and surrounding area.

We’re also covering a beautiful drone video shot in the far reaches of Mongolia, a cinematic tour of Greece captured by FPV drone, a new law enforcement drone team in Utah formed to protect wildlife, and an impressively modified Ford Ranger made to do public safety and other commercial work with drones.

Now on to the links!

Take a Tour through Wrigley Field by Cinewhoop

Wrigley Field Like You've Never Seen It Before | Drone Fly Through of the Ballpark, Clubhouse & More

One of the pleasing things about cinewhoops is that they let us to see famous places in a new way, and this FPV tour of Wrigley Field in Chicago is a great example. It starts in the neighborhood outside the stadium, takes us through a bar and along a walkway, then swoops into the iconic ballpark itself before giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the Cubs Clubhouse. We recommend watching the video all the way through—the transition at 2:08 is one of the coolest surprises we’ve seen in a video like this.

The video was shot by Sky Candy Studios. Check out their YouTube channel for more videos like this one.


“Unseen Mongolia” Cinematic Drone Video

This Is Mongolia 4k

Mongolia contains vast, varied, and beautiful landscapes, from sprawling deserts, to wind swept mountains, to open, rolling meadows. In this drone video from creator Bashir Abu Shakra we get a tour of several of these places. Shakra was in Mongolia for 18 days to capture the footage for this video, and says he was only able to traverse about 30% of the country in that time.


Greece by Cinematic FPV

Greece Cinematic FPV- Nathan McBride

A few weeks back we shared a stunning tour of Indonesia from creator Nathan McBride, which he made with DJI’s new cinewhoop, the Avata. This week we bring you another video from McBride, featuring footage he shot in Greece last year. It features some beautiful—and at times hair raising—footage shot among the white stucco buildings of the Grecian islands. About the hair raising part, McBride warns viewers in the video description: “Please be careful when flying drones near buildings as doing so is very risky and may result in catastrophic results.”

The video was made with a GoPro Hero9 mounted on a custom FPV, using FPV gear from DJI and filters from Polar Pro.


Utah Launches Law Enforcement Drone Team to Protect Wildlife

Credit: Utah DWR

Using drones to catch poachers isn’t a new idea, but rolling out organized teams for this work in the U.S. is still a relatively novel practice. Utah’s Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) will join the vanguard of this kind of conservation work with drones soon with its new drone team, which is composed of five conservation officers. The team will focus on locating wildlife that has been illegally removed from protected areas, helping biologists with wildlife surveys, and documenting crimes, including poaching. It may also support other public safety work in the area, including search and rescue efforts.


Modified Ford Ranger Is One of the Most Advanced Public Safety Support Vehicles in the World

Credit: Heliguy

U.K.-based drone reseller and service provider Heliguy has partnered with Venari to make a souped up Ford Ranger aimed at supporting UAS work in the public safety sector. The Ranger has a ready-to-fly drone mechanism, built-in RF drone detection unit, a real-time weather station, a temperature-controlled battery charging area, and a command and control station. It also comes with a 43” screen with integrated Command Unit interface, is 4G/5G enabled, and has an onboard generator, allowing it to run indefinitely—in theory, anyway. Heliguy had this modified vehicle on display this week at the The Emergency Services Show in the U.K., and will also be showing it off at the U.K. Construction Week later this month.


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