Drone News Roundup: Indonesia Captured with the DJI Avata, Junkyard by FPV Drone, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
22 September 2022

This week we’re covering a new cinewhoop-style tour of Indonesia shot with the DJI Avata.

We’re also covering a fun FPV video shot at a huge junkyard, DJI’s launch of the Osmo Action 3 camera, the FAA’s first approval yet of Remote ID compliance granted for seven DJI drones, and United Airlines’ $15 million investment in drone taxis.

Now on to the links!

Discover Indonesia with the DJI Avata

DJI Avata - Discover Indonesia

This video made with the new DJI Avata by Nathan McBride takes you on an up-close tour through the streets, temples, and countryside of Indonesia. The Avata is DJI’s first cinewhoop, which is a drone made for cinematic flying in tight indoor environments. Unlike most cinewhoops you see, this video isn’t a single-shot fly through of one location. Instead, it’s a mashup of the tight FPV shots you expect from a cinewhoop into a montage that gives you a real feeling for the country—while also showcasing what the Avata can do, and the unique niche it fits for drone pilots and content creators.


Junkyard by FPV drone

Junkyards are big, sprawling lots filled with the detritus of yesterday. This FPV video made by Russell Spurlock of Furious Pugs takes us on a quick, comprehensive tour of a massive graveyard for cars, giving us a quick-flying, sweeping overview of just how many old cars you can find at a place like this. Spurlock was shooting aerial B-roll for the show Top Gear America when he got this footage, for an episode called “Junkers.” He also wrote and performed the music featured in the video. Follow the link below to learn about the work he did on that episode. (Fun fact—in the episode the B-roll was for, Spurlock got to chase Dax Shepherd, Rob Cordry, and Jethro Bovingdon by FPV as they crashed through a racecourse at the same junkyard).


DJI Launches the Osmo Action 3 camera

DJI - This is Osmo Action 3

DJI just launched the Osmo Action 3 camera, which comes with a 1/1.7” sensor, 2.5 hours of continuous battery life, and can capture 4K/120fps video. The new camera also has a 155°FOV (field of view), a new mounting system that makes it easier to transition between mounts and orientations, and improve stabilization. With the Action 3, DJI is yet again stepping up the competition with GoPro for making tough, mountable cameras that can capture relatively high quality shots.


7 DJI Drones Get Official Remote ID Approval from the FAA

The DJI Avata | Credit: DJI

Last Friday, September 16, the FAA’s Remote ID requirements went into effect for drone manufacturers. Several drone companies have shared their plans for compliance, but DJI was the very first one to actually get its drones approved as compliant by the FAA. These seven DJI drones have now received an FAA Declaration of Compliance:

  • The Mini 3 Pro
  • The Avata
  • The Air 2S
  • The Mavic 3
  • The Mavic 3 Cine
  • The Matrice 30
  • The Matrice 30T

More drones from DJI and others are sure to follow soon.


United Airlines Invests Millions in Drone Taxis

Credit: Eve Air Mobility

United Airlines recently announced a $15 million investment in Eve Air Mobility, an electric taxi drone manufacturer. The investment is part of United’s push to move away from gas powered aircraft and toward vehicles that use clean energy. Along with the investment, United has made a conditional agreement with Eve Air to buy up to 400 eVTOL taxi drones from the company. The first deliveries for the taxi drones could take place as early as 2026.


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