Drone News Roundup: Racing a Rollercoaster by FPV Drone, Stunning Cinematic Drone Video Featuring Mountains Vistas, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
28 July 2022

This week we’re covering a fun, fast video of FPV footage shot by a drone racing along above a rollercoaster.

We’re also covering a beautiful cinematic drone video called “The Mountains,” Amazon’s announcement that it will be opening a second drone delivery program in Texas, the use of drones to improve security at a Louisiana university, and DroneAnalyst’s annual survey.

Now let’s get to those links!

Racing a Roller Coast by FPV Drone


Ever chased down a rollercoaster with a drone? Check out this video to see FPV footage of a drone racing alongside and above a rollercoaster in Sweden. The ride is called HELIX, and its located at an amusement park named Liseberg in Gothenburg, Sweden. Liseberg commissioned this video from drone pilot and creator Viggo Koch and it looks like a sound investment. What a great way to showcase the rides at your park by literally letting people race alongside them, simulating the experience of actually being there.


Stunning Mountain Vistas in Cinematic Drone Video “The Mountains”

THE MOUNTAINS - Cinematic Short Film

Shot with a DJI Mavic 3, a DJI Mini, and a DJI mini 2, this cinematic drone video by creator Denis Barbas takes you on a sweeping journey through beautiful mountain scenes, including the Dolemites and the Alps. In the video’s description Barbas says that people often ask him “Why are you always in the mountains? Don’t you get tired of it?” This video serves as his answer—and it’s a compelling one.


Amazon Announces Second Drone Delivery Program

Credit: Amazon Prime Air

It looks like it’s actually happening—Amazon will actually start making drone deliveries. And it’s going to happen not just in one location, as the giant online shopping store recently announced, but two. In addition to its drone delivery program in the tiny town of Lockeford, CA, Amazon recently shared that it will soon launch a second delivery program in College Station, TX. In some instances we’ve seen drone delivery companies start with small test sites, monitor results, then iterate. If Amazon is going to do drone delivery not just in Lockeford but also in College Station—population about 116,000—it looks like the company may be farther along than we thought. It’s worth noting that Amazon’s Part 135 certificate could potentially give it permission to do drone delivery in several other locations, which means it may emerge as an actual contender on the drone delivery front despite years of delays and setbacks.


Grambling State University in Louisiana Uses Drones to Improve Campus Security

Image source

Grambling State University in Grambling, Louisiana is planning to add drones to the list of tools that its campus police officers use to keep students safe. The initiative to use drones for campus security is headed by Rod Demery, the Police Chief for Grambling State University. Asked how the drones would be used, Demery said there were several ways they could improve security on campus, including identification, tracking people who shouldn’t be there, and surveillance for crowd control. He emphasized that while drones would help improve security they weren’t a silver bullet, saying “[The purpose of the drone] is to aid in what we are doing. It’s just another tool in our toolbox. It’s not a cure-all.”


Participate in DroneAnalyst’s 2022 Annual Survey

DA 22Survey TW Grey

Every year, DroneAnalyst conducts a market survey to take the pulse of the drone industry, identifying new trends, where people are finding drone jobs, and which drone models are the most popular (among many other things). This year’s survey is now live and we encourage you to consider taking it to help everyone get a sense for where the drone industry is in this moment. All survey participants get a free summary report with an overview of the survey’s findings as well as being entered in a raffle to be one of two winners of a $400 gift card, which you can use wherever you like.

Wondering how long it takes? We just took the survey and it took us about six minutes to complete.

Wondering what the 2022 survey covers? Here’s what’s new this year:

  • What types of users are deploying advanced drone operations (BVLOS, over people, etc.)
  • What drone programs are deploying docked drone (drone-in-a-box) systems from what manufacturers
  • Deployment of other uncrewed or imaging systems alongside drones


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