Drone News Roundup: High Speed FPV Drone Flies through Tiny Gap, How Reuben Wu Creates Art with Drone Lights, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
23 March 2023

This week we’re covering a short, super fast FPV drone video featuring some high-speed trick flying through tiny spaces.

We’re also covering a video highlighting the art Reuben Wu makes using drones as a light source, a nonprofit in the U.K. that has reunited over 1,400 lost pets with their owners using drones, a new DJI-compatible dock that can be attached to any car, and news that a program to train veterans to be commercial drone pilots has received $150,000 in funding.

Now on to the links!

High Speed FPV Drone Flies through Tiny Gap

Impossible Gap | FPV Drone Freestyle (🎥: IG / itskenfpv)

As if it wasn’t impressive enough to zip around an old factory at top speeds, this drone pilot decided to thread the needle and fly through an incredibly small gap on this super fast run. The flying here is so good that it earned a comment from the Drone Racing League’s official account that just reads “So insane 🤯.” The video is short and sweet, and well worth watching for the impressive piloting skills and the hair raising stunts—watch to the end to see the tiny gap.


How Reuben Wu Creates Art with Drones

Capturing Mountains in a Different Light

We’re big fans of Reuben Wu’s art. Over the years he has used drones to create surrealistic images in the night sky, capturing the light from a drone in different ways to make halos, rings, and other shapes. Last year, a picture he took of Stonehenge was featured on the cover of National Geographic, using drone lighting and other effects to illuminate the famous relic from above, creating a new take on a place that has been photographed tens of thousands of times. In this video, Wu talks about his process and a project he did on the Pastoruri Glacier in Peru back in 2018. Wu’s vision is so unique that the shots featured here seem fresh and brand new, even though they were taken several years back.


Nonprofit that Finds Lost Pets with Drones Surpasses 1,400 Rescues

Drone To Home in association with Syndico and DJI.

The U.K. nonprofit Drone to Home first started when a drone pilot realized he could help people find their lost dogs with his drone. As word spread, more and more people came to him for help, until he realized he needed support with the work. Today, Drone to Home has hundreds of volunteers and a unique training course designed to help people use aerial thermography to find missing pets. And it’s still finding lost pets. To date, the nonprofit has helped reunite over 1,400 lost pets with their owners. Watch the video above to learn more about the Drone to Home story.


New DJI-Compatible Drone Dock Can Be Mounted on Any Car

HEISHA DCap vehicle mounted drone dock

A company called Heisha recently released a lightweight drone dock that can be mounted on almost any car. The dock is called DCap and it both stores the drone and charges it automatically after it lands on the dock’s charging board. According to Heisha, the dock is compatible with a variety of popular drone models including DJI drones like the DJI Matrice 300 and the Matrice 30, as well as drones from many popular drone companies like Skydio, Autel, and Parrot.


Drone Training Program for Veterans Gets $150,000 in Funding

Image source

A training program to help veterans become commercial drone pilots and find work in aviation and film recently received $150,000 in congressional funding. The program is called the Veterans Film Apprenticeship and it is run by the Atlantic County Economic Alliance (ACEA). One focus of the program will be on helping participants study for the FAA’s Part 107 test. Funding for the program was secured with the help of New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. At a recent press conference in which the funding was announced Booker said, “I’m proud to secure funding for ACEA’s drone training program to provide veterans with in-demand skills training and job opportunities, as well as strengthen New Jersey’s aviation and film industries.” Read the article linked below to learn more, or register to participate in the program by contacting Lisa Regina at (609) 468-7474 / lisa@awritetoheal.com.


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