Drone News Roundup: Going Down a Waterslide via FPV Drone, Testing the Mavic 3 in High Winds, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
14 January 2022

This week we’re covering a fun video shot by an FPV drone going down a waterslide in Brazil.

We’re also covering a recent test of the Mavic 3 during high winds in the Canary Islands, a story about a woman in China spending almost $16,000 to put on a drone light show for her dog’s birthday, a plan from Drone Defence to use drones equipped with spotlights and thermal cameras to deter attackers, and the drone companies that won CES 2022 Innovation Awards.

Now on to the links!

Going Down a Waterslide via FPV Drone

This FPV fly-through—or slide through, rather—of a waterslide is short and sweet. In a Facebook post Gustavo Remor, the Brazilian videographer who made the video, shared a picture of the setup he used to get the shot inside the waterslide, revealing that he attached floaties to the quadcopter. These allowed the drone to slide down the tube as the water ran underneath. Take a look at the picture here, and follow the link below to see Remor’s original post on Facebook.


Testing the Mavic 3 While Kiteboarding in High Winds

Testing NEW Drone with Bertie Gregory

Wondering how the Mavic 3 holds up in harsh weather? Videographer Bertie Gregory took it out on a particularly windy day in the Canary Islands, using it to film professional kiteboarder Ruben Lenten. The drone held up just fine despite the intense weather, and the footage of Lenten’s big jumps in the midst of an ongoing storm is incredible.


Chinese Woman Spends Almost $16,000 to Put on Drone Light Show for Dog’s Birthday


A woman in Changsha, China reportedly spent $15,700 to rent 520 drones so she could put on a light show over a nearby river. The cause for celebration was her dog’s birthday—the dog was turning ten, and she had the drones spell out Happy 10th birthday to Doudou in Chinese, as well as forming other images, including a birthday cake and a dog. Despite the big budget, it turns out the woman didn’t get permission to put on the show from authorities, and she might now be facing legal trouble.


Drone Defence Proposes Using Drones to Protect Women from Being Attacked

AeroGuard - Emergency Drone Response

Drone Defence is proposing a new way to use drones for good—helping to stop people from attacking women. Called AeroGuard, the drones would carry spotlights and thermal cameras, and could be summoned to a specific location using an app. If a woman feels threatened, she could use the app to get an AeroGuard drone sent to her location. From there, the drone would shine its spotlight down while recording and live streaming what was happening, deterring would-be attackers in the process.


Drone Winners of the CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Credit: Doosan

Every year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), awards are given to new consumer technology products that entered the market for the first time between April 1 of the previous year and the start of the event. This year three drone companies took home prizes at CES 2022:

  • Doosan won for its DJ25 (shown above), a large hydrogen fuel cell-powered VTOL drone with a flight time of 5.5 hours that can fly 310 miles in one flight.
  • Doosan won a second award for its solar inspection solution, which leverages the DJ25 for inspecting solar farms with automatic mission flights.
  • ISON won for its High Mast drone charging station, which comes with a pole, a drone hangar, and a control box. The pole can reach up to 50 feet in the air, allowing it to carry sensors and cameras for the collection of environmental data.


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