DJI Fly App Receives Big Update Before Anticipated Mavic 3 Launch

BY Zacc Dukowitz
28 October 2021

The DJI Fly app just got a big update, and it looks like this might be yet one more indicator that the Mavic 3 will be launched next Friday, November 7.

Wondering why we think it will be the 7th? Because DJI is currently conducting a series of launches under the tagline “Good Things Come in Threes.”

Photo credit: DJI

The first two launches have already happened, with the Ronin 4D system coming out last Wednesday and the Action 2 camera coming out yesterday.

And it looks more and more likely that the third launch, which is scheduled for November 7, will be the Mavic 3.

Ability to Stream Live Video

The big update for this new version of the app is that you can now stream live video using Adobe’s Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP).

The live stream feature works by using your smartphone’s internet connection as the uplink. After you’ve updated to the new version, you’ll find this feature under “Transmission.”

The live stream feature is supported on these DJI drones:

  • The DJI FPV
  • The Mini SE
  • The Mavic Mini
  • The Mini 2
  • The Air 2S
  • And presumably the Mavic 3, once it’s released

The newest version of the DJI Fly app is version 1.4.8 for Apple devices and version 1.4.12 for Android devices. For Apple devices you’ll have to have iOS 11.0 or above, and for Android devices you’ll need Android 6.0 or above.

You can get the update and learn more about compatible devices here.

Other Updates

Here are some other noteworthy features in the new version of the DJI Fly app:

  • The ability to access cached video captured just before loss of image transmission signal in Find My Drone
  • Support added for iOS 15, the newest version of Apple’s iOS, which has been rolled out as an experimental beta version

The new version of the app also includes fixes for small issues and bugs, as well as updates to optimize its overall quality.

Latest Leaked Pictures of the Mavic 3

While the Fly app update is exciting, we probably wouldn’t be paying so much attention to it if we didn’t see it as yet another sign that the Mavic 3 launch really is coming next week.

So, to help you pass the time until the Mavic 3 gets released, here are some more leaked images that came out recently, which are the best we’ve seen yet of DJI’s highly anticipated new drone.

All these images came from drone industry insider Jasper Ellens. See his original tweet containing these pictures here.




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