DJI Announces Three New Product Launches—And It Looks Like the Mavic 3 Will Be One of Them

BY Zacc Dukowitz
20 October 2021

Always big on showmanship, DJI recently announced three upcoming product launches with the tagline “Good Things Come in Threes.”

One of the launches is today (it’s the Ronin 4D—read the next section to learn more), one is next Wednesday, October 27, and one will be the week after that, on Friday, November 5.

There is a ton of speculation buzzing around the drone industry right now about what three products we might expect to see from the drone giant.

Here’s what we know.

Today’s Product Launch—The Ronin 4D

The first product launch happened today at 9 a.m. EST, so we know that it’s the Ronin 4D.

DJI - Introducing DJI Ronin 4D

DJI is calling the Ronin 4D a “cinematography solution”—meaning that it’s not just a camera, but a complete movie-making tool. The Ronin 4D integrates imaging, stabilization, and focusing to help videographers shoot faster with less setup time.

Photo credit: DJI

Here are the main features of the Ronin 4D:

  • Cinematic imaging. Zenmuse X9-8K gimbal camera with video at 1080p/60fps
  • 4-axis stabilized gimbal system. The Ronin 4D comes with an active Z-axis to help get rid of camera shake, allowing you to shoot while moving without worrying about the movement impacting the quality of your shot.
  • LiDAR focusing. DJI’s LiDAR Range Finder casts over 43,000 points, reaching over 30 feet from the camera, which allows it to find subjects even in poorly lit environments.
  • Wireless transmission. DJI’s O3 Pro video transmission system is powered by OcySync 3.0, giving it a transmission range of 20,000 feet.
  • Auto-heating batteries. The Ronin 4D’s batteries come with an auto-heating feature that allows them to work in cold weather.

Learn more about the Ronin 4D on DJI’s website.

2nd Launch—The Action 2 Camera

For the second product launch on October 27, it looks likely that it will also be a camera—the DJI Action 2 camera, to be exact.

According to drone industry insider Jasper Ellens, the second icon on DJI’s promotional materials for the three upcoming promotional launches is a reference to the base connector of the Action 2.

The DJI Osmo Action is a camera originally designed to go head-to-head with the GoPro Hero line of cameras.

The current Action shoots in 4K/12MP. The new Action 2—if that’s what we’ll see on October 27—will probably have souped up features, with some speculating that it will shoot in 5.4K/20MP (as we see on the Air 2s).

3rd Launch—The Mavic 3

While the two cameras are exciting, the third product launch on November 5 looks like it’s the one we’ve all been waiting for—the Mavic 3.

Rumors about the Mavic 3 have been building and building lately, and it looks likely that it will finally be released in early November.


You can see this hinted at in the tweet from Jasper Ellens above, where he connects the third icon from DJI’s “Good Things Come in Threes” promo materials to a leaked shot of the Mavic 3.

The Mavic 3 also makes sense for several other reasons—leaks about it have been coming out like crazy, so much so that we already know almost all its specs (see below). And in all the rumors and leaks lately, the launch date has been projected for late October/early November, lining right up with a November 5 release date.

Also, the emphasis on the number three in the marketing campaign seems like a pretty clear giveaway.

Here’s what we know about the Mavic 3’s specs:

  • Weight. 2 pounds (920 grams)
  • Flight time. 46 minutes
  • Flight range. Up to 9.3 miles
  • Speed. 15.5 mph (with no wind)
  • Obstacle avoidance. Angled forward obstacle avoidance sensors to provide a greater field of view
  • Camera details. 5.2K video / 20MP photos
  • Camera types. Both a wide-angle and a telephoto camera

Of course, all of this is speculation for now.

We won’t know what the next two products DJI will be releasing are until they’re actually live, but these are our best guesses about what we might expect to see come out from DJI over the next few weeks.

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