Autel Showcases Alpha and Titan Enterprise Drones at EDRC

BY Zacc Dukowitz
13 June 2023

Autel showcased two new drones in public this week, the Alpha and the Titan.

The unveiling of both drones happened at the Energy Drones and Robotics Coalition’s (EDRC) conference, which takes place annually in Houston, Texas.


Before presenting the two drones this week information about them was leaked from an event Autel hosted in China back in April, called the Global Partners Summit.

In addition to the Titan and Alpha, Autel showcased a slew of new drones at that event, including:

  • An ISR drone (ISR stands for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance)—not released yet
  • A new eVTOL craft—not released yet
  • EVO Max 4T—not released yet
  • EVO Max 4N—already released

At the event, Autel also showcased new nests for its fixed-wing Dragonfish drone and its EVO drone.

We don’t yet know when all of these drones will be released (or even what some of them will be called). But the Autel and Titan are both out in the wild now, even if they’re not for sale just yet—keep reading to learn all about each one.

The Autel Alpha

The Autel Alpha is a foldable, medium-sized drone made for commercial applications with an impressive battery life of 45 minutes.

The Autel Alpha

The Alpha comes with a multi-sensor camera gimbal and the ability to support multiple payloads, making it customizable for specific types of work. It also comes with four jacks on the top of the drone, allowing users to load it with accessories, such as LED beacons.

Here are the primary specs for the Alpha:

  • Battery life. 45 minutes max.
  • Transmission range. 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) image transmission distance.
  • Flight speed. 65.6 f/s (20 m/s) max.
  • Service ceiling. 22,965 feet (7,000 m).
  • Obstacle avoidance. 360° obstacle avoidance.
  • IP rating. 55.

On the security front, the Alpha has AES-256 encryption and comes with strong anti-jamming RFI/EMI/GPS spoofing capabilities.

And when it comes to smart functions, the Alpha offers a range of autonomous operations, including:

  • 3D flight path
  • “Find out” mode
  • Multi-drone cooperation for potential drone swarm capabilities

The Autel Titan

The Autel Titan was designed specifically for transportation and delivery.

One look at the drone’s specs and the Titan’s purpose makes sense—it has an hour-long flight time, and the ability to carry heavier payloads than many other delivery drones out there, like those from Amazon and Wing.

The Autel Titan

Here are the primary specs for the Titan:

  • Battery life. 60 minutes.
  • Payload capacity. 24 pounds (11 kilograms) max.
  • Transmission range. 12.4 miles (20 kilometers) image transmission distance.

Right now, there aren’t many commercial options when it comes to delivery drones. Most of the drone delivery tech on the market is proprietary.

Companies like Wing, Zipline, and Amazon Prime Air make delivery drones to use them in their operations, not to sell them. And major commercial drone companies aren’t making delivery drones to sell direct to consumers either.

The only company we’re aware of that’s waded into these waters is A2Z Drones, which sells a commercial drone made for deliveries called the RDSX Pelican.

It’s unclear right now whether people actually want to buy delivery drones. And these drones aren’t cheap—the Pelican sells for about $30,000.

The RDSX Pelican | Credit: A2Z Drones

Other Drones On the Road with Autel

Autel is on a roadshow right now showcasing all of its new technology, of which the Autel and Titan are just two parts.

Here are some other new drones and drone accessories Autel is showing off while on the road.

The EVO Max 4T

The new EVO Max and relevant ecosystem products include an upgraded EVO Max 4T with a 48MP 8K camera, which can identify targets up to 1.24 miles away. The EVO Max 4T also comes equipped with a wide camera, thermal camera, and laser rangefinder.

Credit: Autel

The EVO Max 4N

The EVO Max 4N was made to fly at night and in other low light conditions. These operations are supported by its 450,000 ISO starlight camera (2.3MP, LUX: 0.0001, equivalent: 41.4 mm) that replaces the zoom camera.

The EVO Nest

The EVO Nest features an automatic charging point and base of operations for all drones in the EVO Series.

The Nest was designed as an all-weather drone support station, providing extended drone range and operating time. A key benefit Autel highlights in promoting the nest is its portability—it can easily fit into a standard pickup truck.

Credit: Autel

Other Drones

  • EVO II V3 Series drones
  • Dragonfish Standard—a fixed-wing, VTOL UAV with a unique tilt-rotor design that has a 126 minute flight time.
  • ISR Solution—drone for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance.

Want to see these drones and the nests while Autel is on the road? You’ll be likely to catch them at one of these upcoming events:

  • Manufacturing Expo Thailand 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand from June 21-24
  • Japan Drone 2023 in Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan from June 26-28
  • Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, U.S. from September 5-7
  • Intergeo in Berlin, Germany from October 10-12
  • Seoul ADEX in Seoul, South Korea from October 17-22

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