XPONENTIAL 2022 Is Next Month—Here’s What You Need to Know

BY Zacc Dukowitz
14 March 2022

AUVSI’s annual XPONENTIAL conference will be held next month in Orlando from April 25-28.


If the conference seems to be happening sooner than you’d expect, that’s because it’s been moved up by about four months—last year it was held in August, in Atlanta, GA.

Whether you’re a drone pilot looking for work, a drone company looking to display your latest and greatest technology, or a company looking for the best drones out there for your specific aerial needs, XPONENTIAL’s got you covered.

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AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2021 - A Hybrid Event Series

Focus on Autonomy

The focus of this year’s conference is on autonomy and how it will actually impact daily drone operations, an idea captured by the conference’s tagline “Where autonomy meets society.”

The future won’t build itself. It must be built by collaboration, innovation, and integration. This is your opportunity to break down barriers and define the next era of autonomous systems. This is where real-world challenges are overcome and new possibilities are discovered. This is where autonomy meets society.

– AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2022 website

This year’s conference will feature several new initiatives centered around autonomy and the future of drones, including:

1. The Future Mobility Pavilion

Credit: Urban-Air Port

Improving the movement of people through autonomy promises a transportation system that is cleaner, cheaper, safer, and more accessible. Realizing that promise will require the community to connect and share relevant and timely research as the market continues to evolve and mature. The pavilion will be a showcase of solutions highlighting the technology solutions enabling Urban Air Mobility and Automated shuttles.

2. The Maritime Pavilion

Credit: QYSEA

The ground domain isn’t the only area where innovation is floating! Buoyancy can be found within the maritime domain as well. Captained by the Maritime Advocacy Committee and its members the pavilion will feature the latest in surface and subsurface technologies.

3. The Automated Goods Movement

Credit: Hyundai

From automated freight to last-mile delivery, this dedicated area will highlight goods movement companies with room to display and/or deploy the technology inside and outside. The area will be promoted in the Automated Goods Movement Summit, which will be co-located with XPONENTIAL and will take place April 25-26 at the Orlando Convention Center.

4. The Sandbox

Image source

The Sandbox is a new addition for XPONENTIAL 2022. It’s a place where industry leaders, researchers, and academic institutions will be encouraged to problem-solve, collaborate, and seek solutions in the field of autonomous systems. This is your chance to utilize XPONENTIAL to gain insights from industry stakeholders.

Submit your ideas for the Sandbox here.

2022 Keynote Speakers

Here are the five main keynote speakers that will be featured at XPONENTIAL 2022.

1. Michelle Avary


VP of Government Affairs & Product Strategy at Einride

As a leader in automotive technologies, Avary has been at the forefront of revolutionizing the mobility space and has devoted her career to establishing better infrastructures for automotive, autonomous, IoT, and connectivity platforms. She is passionate about improving safety and decarbonizing mobility.

Learn more about Michelle Avary.

2. Heidi Shyu


Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (OUSD(R&E)) at the U.S. Department of Defense

Ms. Heidi Shyu is the Under Secretary of Defense for Research & Engineering (OUSD(R&E)). In this role, she serves as the Chief Technology Officer for the DoD, mandated with ensuring the technological superiority of the U.S. military, & is responsible for the research, development, & prototyping activities across the DoD enterprise.

Learn more about Heidi Shyu.

3. Tom Walker


Founder & CEO of DroneUp

Tom is the founder and CEO of DroneUp. DroneUp provides drone delivery and flight services to organizations and communities. Walker has also brought a singular purpose to the Unmanned Transportation (UTM) market – to bring the economic benefits of drones that are essential for communities and our competitive standing in the world to market, safely.

Learn more about Tom Walker.

4. Eric Grubman


Chairman of the Board at DroneUp

Eric Grubman is the former executive vice president of the National Football League (NFL) and current chairman of SGHC Limited (“SGHC,” or “Super Group”). Mr. Grubman has served in various capacities as an advisor and as a senior executive across multiple industries for decades. 

Learn more about Eric Grubman.

5. Brian Wynne


President and CEO of AUVSI

An instrument-rated pilot for more than 20 years, electric vehicle driver for more than 15 years, early recipient of a Part 107 remote pilot certificate, and recent recipient of a commercial pilot certificate, Brian Wynne possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in transportation and technology applications that he has gained through various leadership roles with industry associations and public-private partnerships.

Learn more about Brian Wynne.

Top 3 Reasons We’re Excited about XPONENTIAL 2022

There are a lot of reasons we’re excited about this year’s XPONENTIAL conference—here are our top three.

1. Networking


OK, we know people always say this about conferences—but after two years straight of pandemic precautions, we’re excited about the prospect of getting to spend time in person with colleagues and friends.

Last year we saw some return to normalcy with conferences after the fully virtual conference season of 2020. This year, we’re hopeful that we’ll see a good turn out at XPONENTIAL 2022, and that we’ll get to catch up with people from throughout the industry.

2. The XCELLENCE Awards

Credit: Nepal Flying Labs | 2021 winner in the Humanitarian Project or Program category

Every year AUVSI announces the winners of its XCELLENCE awards live at the XPONENTIAL conference, and it’s always one of our favorite parts of the event.

This year, winners will be announced in the following categories:

  • Enterprise Solution Deployment and Service Provider
  • Enabling Components & Peripherals
  • Hardware & Systems Design
  • Software Design and Coding
  • Humanitarian Project or Program
  • Public Safety

Learn about the 2021 XCELLENCE award winners.

3. The Exhibition Hall


We’re expecting a lot of new product releases this year, and all those new products will be on display in the exhibition hall—that’s one of the main reasons we’re excited about the XPO Hall.

Another reason we’re excited about the exhibition hall this year is the addition of several new tech pavilions, including the Automated Goods Movement demonstration area, the Maritime Pavilion, and the Future Mobility Pavilion, . We’re especially excited to see all the cutting edge tech at the Future Mobility Pavilion, which will include automated shuttles, urban air mobility crafts, and other futuristic transportation vehicles.

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