The 5 Best Places to Fly a Drone in Pittsburgh (2023)

A list of the best places to fly your drone in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

In this article, we’ve scouted out the best places to fly a drone in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

If you live in (or are traveling to) Pittsburgh, please use this page as a resource to better understand not just where to fly, but also where it’s legal and illegal to fly a drone. We provide guidance on regulations to help you stay compliant with both federal and local rules.

fly drone Pittsburgh

A Sectional Chart of the airspace surrounding Pittsburgh, PA. Source: VFR Map

Pittsburgh Drone Laws — Recreational vs. Commercial

The first thing to understand about flying a drone in Pittsburgh (or any city for that matter) is that under federal FAA regulations, you are either operating recreationally or commercially.

Drone operators are no longer required to independently contact air traffic control when flying within five miles of an airport. Instead, both recreational and commercial flyers can use the automated LAANC system to request airspace authorization to fly in controlled airspace around and above many airports. If you’re operating in Class B, C, D, or E controlled airspace, you’ll need to request airspace authorization. You may do this through LAANC or through FAADroneZone in areas where LAANC is not available.

When we list locations below, we’ll share whether they sit in controlled or uncontrolled airspace.

Get up-to-date airspace information, including temporary flight restrictions, using free apps like Aloft , Autopylot , or B4UFLY .

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So those are the federal rules.

But what about local Pittsburgh drone laws?

Here’s a guide we put together for drone laws in Pennsylvania. Make sure to consult that to see if there are any local drone ordinances you should follow in Pittsburgh. When in doubt, use good judgment and follow the FAA’s guidelines.

Note: The content on this page is meant for informational purposes only and is not meant to take the place of legal counsel. If we missed something, or if you have further questions, please send an email to support[at]uavcoach[dot]com, and we’ll do our best to help you out.

Where to Fly a Drone in Pittsburgh

Alrighty—without further ado, here are our top picks for the best places to fly a drone in the Pittsburgh area. We selected these locations based on airspace restrictions, accessibility, and attractions. You’ll find that most of the locations we’ve chosen are located in uncontrolled, Class G airspace where you don’t need to request permission to fly. Additionally, we made sure to highlight any locations with designated sUAS/remote aircraft fields.

1 — Point of View Park

1435 Grandview Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15211

Point of View Park sits on Mt. Washington and overlooks the downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. It features stunning panoramic views of the city that cannot be found anywhere else. The park was named after the Point of View Sculpture, which represents George Washington and Guyasuta overlooking the land that would become developed along the Ohio River. Drone pilots will appreciate the vantage point and picturesque views this location offers.

fly drone point of view

Source: Dr. Cash

2 — Southside Riverfront Park

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Southside Riverfront Park is one of the first riverfront parks in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is a part of the regional Three Rivers Heritage Trail system. The park sits near the Birmingham Bridge on the shores of the Monongahela River. Drone pilots will appreciate the incredible views of the bridge and the surrounding area.

fly drone Southside Riverfront Park

Source: Rgrasmus 

3 — Millvale Riverfront Park

70 River Front Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15209

Millvale Riverfront Park is located on the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It features a trail system that is 1.7 miles long. The property consists of a green strip along the river, making it great for drone flights. Drone pilots will enjoy the incredible view of the Washington Crossing Bridge that crosses the river.

fly drone Millvale Riverfront Park

Source: PunkToad

4 — West Park – Lake Elizabeth

Lake Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, PA 15212

West Park – Lake Elizabeth is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it features a small lake. The view of Lake Elizabeth with trains passing in the background makes it a great location. The park also has many green areas making it great for drone flights. This property offers a nice escape from the busy city life within close proximity to downtown.

fly drone West Park

Source: Allie Caulfield 

5 — Aspinwall Riverfront Park

285 River Ave, Aspinwall, PA 15215

Aspinwall Riverfront Park is a small park located along the Allegheny River just outside of Pittsburgh. It is located one-mile upstream from the Highland Park dam which is a great focal point for drone footage. Drone pilots will also enjoy the industrial train bridge that stretched across the river and directly over the park.

Quadcopter footage of Highland Park Bridge, Allegheny River, Pittsburgh