Skydio Launches Remote Flight Deck for X10 Drone

BY Liz Gibson
19 October 2023

Autonomous drone leader Skydio has unveiled the Remote Flight Deck, a few weeks after launching the Skydio x10. The new flight dock enables remote drone flight via web browser anywhere a cellular connection is available. With this new capability, Skydio is pioneering a paradigm shift in how drones can be deployed and controlled, allowing organizations to launch and operate drones faster and more efficiently.

Credit: Skydio

The Remote Flight Deck works in conjunction with the latest Skydio X10 drone. It provides seamless transfer of flight control between local and remote pilots, delivering continuous situational awareness through live streaming video. For the first time, drone operators can initiate or take over flights from virtually any location while maintaining visual oversight.

This remote flight technology will be transformative for public safety agencies and critical infrastructure operators. In time-sensitive scenarios like search and rescue missions or disaster response, drones can provide aerial imagery in minutes rather than the hours it might take to deploy manned aircraft. Remote flight allows personnel on the scene to launch drones swiftly and transfer control to offsite pilots, freeing up first responders to focus on the mission while still benefiting from real-time aerial intelligence.

For infrastructure inspections, remote flight eliminates the need to have pilots on location. Field crews can ready drones for flight, then hand off control to remote pilots to conduct thorough inspections of bridges, power substations, and other assets. This streamlines operations, improves inspection quality, and reduces risks for personnel working in hazardous environments.

Credit: Skydio

According to Skydio CEO Adam Bry, the company aims to make drones ubiquitous infrastructure, on par with vehicles and aircraft.

“We envision a world where drones become basic infrastructure. The Skydio X10 can be in every first responder’s vehicle, and with Remote Flight Deck, X10 can provide immediate situational awareness and support from a remote operator. For public safety agencies, this capability makes Drone as First Responder (DFR) available now, improving officer and community safety.”

-Adam Bry, Skydio CEO

With the launch of Skydio Remote Flight Deck, the company has opened the door to a future of remote drone operations at scale across public and private sectors. By removing geographic constraints, Skydio is empowering organizations to realize the full potential of drones to enhance productivity, safety, and responsiveness.


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