New Autonomy Updates for the Skydio 2+ & Enter to Win a Skydio 2+ Starter Kit from UAV Coach

BY Zacc Dukowitz
1 November 2022

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We’re also covering a major round of updates from Skydio that make the Skydio 2+ even more autonomous, improving its ability to capture a variety of high quality stills and video while flying on its own.

Keep reading to learn all about each update and how they provide even more autonomy to Skydio pilots.

Credit: Skydio

Skydio Autonomy Updates

Skydio recently rolled out several updates and improvements that will help its community collect even more types of images and video, allowing them to be more creative with how they use their Skydio drones.

NEW Skydio Software Makes Drone Photography + Videography Even Easier

As highlighted in the video above, the updates include:

  • Dynamic Gimbal Roll, a new feature with the KeyFrame skill
  • A new Panorama skill
  • Location improvements to better replicate exact flight paths in KeyFrame
  • Low battery auto return

All of these updates will be released via the Skydio App later this month. Keep reading to learn more about each one.

Dynamic Gimbal Roll for KeyFrame

Dynamic Gimbal Roll is a feature that’s been added to Skydio’s KeyFrame skill, a mode that lets pilots select the key shots they want to capture along a flight path and the speed at which they want the drone to fly, then have the drone collect the footage autonomously.


Credit: Skydio

Dynamic Gimbal Roll allows for more control and nuance with the footage you can collect when using KeyFrame, allowing the drone to automatically adjust both the camera roll and the gimbal pitch while in flight.

Here’s an overview:

  • Save the roll angle at each keyframe so you can repeat the exact flight paths.
  • Adjust the gimbal roll during playback for real-time control.
  • Simulate FPV-style shots.

To use this new feature, select the Dynamic Gimbal Roll playback style when viewing footage within the KeyFrame skill.

Panorama Skill

The new Panorama skill lets you choose your preferred image capture type—Vertical, Horizontal, or Spherical—and shows you a live preview of your panorama framing while the drone is in flight.


Credit: Skydio

Here’s an overview of each image type:

  • Vertical panoramas capture the full 180° view in front of the drone, creating a 1:3 aspect ratio 30MP photo.
  • Horizontal panoramas vertically center at the horizon and capture a 180° wide landscape, generating a 1:4 aspect ratio 36MP image.
  • Spherical captures take photos in every direction for an immersive panorama, stitching a shareable image that can be viewed in 360° interactive photo viewers. Spherical panoramas create a ready-to-share, high-resolution, 72MP image.

Here are examples of each of these options in one image made by Skydio:


Credit: Skydio

Location Improvements

Replaying a flight path is central to KeyFrame experience, and made possible by the Skydio drone’s ability to understand its environment.

In the new round of updates, Skydio has increased KeyFrame’s accuracy by continuously re-learning the flight path and comparing real-time environmental data to previous KeyFrame takes.

The drone can now continually correct for small amounts of drift, readjusting its flight path every second it flies and retaining these adjustments across multiple flights. When you load a KeyFrame from a previous flight, the drone can automatically snap to an accurate starting location from the previous flight’s data.

Low Battery Auto Return

Finally, the new round of updates adds the option of toggling on a low battery auto return, which is available in the RTH settings menu. When activated, the drone will automatically return home once the battery becomes low.

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