DJI Enterprise V4 Firmware Update Brings the Matrice 300 RTK Up to Speed with the M30 and Makes Mapping 42% Faster on the Zenmuse L1

BY Zacc Dukowitz
18 May 2022

DJI has just issued a major firmware update—update V4—for its enterprise solutions.

The update brings some big changes for the Matrice 300 RTK and the Zenmuse L1 LiDAR payload.

Let’s start with the M300—just because DJI has released a new drone in one of its lines doesn’t mean that older models aren’t still solid platforms.

Take the Matrice line. Although the Matrice 30 is the most recent release, the Matrice 300 RTK is still an impressive option in that series.

Credit: DJI

The Matrice 300 RTK is one of DJI’s most rugged drones for professional work—it has 55 minutes of flight time, a transmission range of a little over 9 miles, can carry up to six pounds, and can deal with rain and extreme fluctuations in temperature.

But when it comes to the newest enterprise solutions DJI launched along with the M30, the M300 RTK has lagged behind.

Until now. With the latest firmware update DJI brings the M300 RTK up to speed with the M30, making it compatible with the software and camera upgrades that were released along with the M30.

Enterprise V4 Firmware Update—The Matrice 300 RTK


Here’s a breakdown of what is changing for the M300 RTK with the V4 firmware update.

1. Now Compatible with Flighthub 2

Credit: DJI

Flighthub is an all-in-one cloud-based drone ops management platform—here are the main features Flighthub 2 provides:

  • 2.5D base map—integrate elevation data with satellite maps.
  • One-top panorama sync—create a 360 overview and upload to the cloud with a single tap.
  • Cloud mapping—create RGB or infrared orthomosaics with a single flight.
  • Live streaming—connect multiple users to one or many drone operations at the same time.
  • Live annotations—highlight objects or areas of interest for efficient mission management.

2. Now Compatible with the Pilot 2 Enterprise App

The DJI Pilot app supports HD live transmission of a drone’s camera feed and was created to support drone flights in real time.

It also allows pilots to do real-time flight record syncing,  adjust camera settings, and generally control the drone’s camera as needed to get the shot they want.

Version 2 of the Pilot app has an improved user interface and works seamlessly with the new RC plus controller. It also provides new safety features, including a pre-flight checklist and safety-related alerts.

3. Now Compatible with the Zenmuse H20N Night Vision Camera

Credit: DJI

The N in the H20N stands for night vision and it’s a full night vision solution, providing a payload that has two visual cameras and two thermal cameras.

The two zoom and wide-angled visual cameras both have starlight sensors that enable night vision, a capability DJI has coined as Starlight Night Vision, and the dual thermal cameras provide 2x zoom and 8x zoom.

The combination of the four cameras make the H20N a powerful solution for first responders working to save lives at night, or other professionals who need high quality visual and thermal imaging for night operations.

Learn more about the Zenmuse H20N:

DJI Enterprise Zenmuse H20N - Night Vision Hybrid Payload

Other Updates to the M300 RTK

In addition to making the M300 RTK compatible with the solutions listed above, firmware update V4 also provides:

  • Pinpoints. This addition allows you to manage Pinpoints and capture live annotations using the 5D button on the M300 RTK.
  • New Waypoints file format. The addition of a new file format standard for Waypoints called WayPoint Markup Language (WPML), which should make using Waypoints more useful, not to mention even easier.

Want to learn more? Here are the full V4 release notes for the Matrice 300 RTK.

Enterprise V4 Firmware Update—The Zenmuse L1


The enterprise V4 firmware update also provides some significant improvements for the Zenmuse L1 LiDAR payload, which has both a LiDAR sensor and an RGB camera.

The biggest update for the L1 has to do with the efficiency with which it conducts mapping missions.

The V4 update improves the Zenmuse L1’s Terrain Follow missions so much that a mission that used to take 24 minutes can now be completed in just 14 minutes, representing a time savings of 42% while retaining the same quality of data capture.

Here are the other improvements and additions that the V4 update provides for the Zenmuse L1:

  • PPK files for RGB mapping camera. The L1’s RGB camera will now be able to make PPK files.
  • IMU calibration. IMU calibration has been added to Oblique, Linear, and Terrain Follow missions.

Want to learn more? Here are the full V4 release notes for the Zenmuse L1.

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