GoPro Launches a Stripped-Down Camera Just for FPV drones

BY Zacc Dukowitz
20 April 2022

GoPro has launched a new camera made specifically for FPV drones.

Called the GoPro Hero10 Black Bones, it’s the first camera GoPro has made that has to be either strapped or soldered onto your drone.

GoPro: Introducing HERO10 Black Bones

A Camera Made for FPV Drone Cinematography

The new Bones camera is an incredibly stripped down version of GoPro’s flagship Hero 10 Black camera. It has no waterproofing, no screens, no speakers—nothing extra that could weigh it down.

Credit: GoPro

The camera was made this way because drone pilots are already doing this on their own to GoPro cameras, literally cutting them in half to increase their drones’ battery lives so they could capture longer cinewhoop-style footage.

According to GoPro, pilots were reportedly cutting open their Hero 10s, removing parts, and then strapping it to their drones. As you might imagine, these homemade remedies for reducing the camera’s weight weren’t ideal, and could lead to overheating, especially during takeoff and landing.

So GoPro decided to make its own lean version of the camera, just for FPV drone pilots.

You’ve seen the rise of videos like flying into the bowling alley, or even the latest Tesla Gigafactory video—those are all done by people who took the time to try to make a GoPro lighter.

– Pablo Lema, Head of Product at GoPro

With the Black Bones, GoPro is essentially getting into the cinewhoop game by making a camera that allows FPV pilots to capture the quality of footage they can get with a Hero 10 Black camera without having to go to the hassle of retrofitting it for their FPV drone.

Credit: GoPro

GoPro Hero 10 Black Bones Specs

Here are all the standout features and specs for GoPro’s new Hero 10 Black Bones camera:

  • Weight. 54 grams—the lightest camera GoPro has ever released, weighing in at one third of the original Hero 10 Black.
  • Resolution. Shoots video at 5.3K60, 4K120, and 2.7K240.
  • Sensors. Same as Hero 10 Black.
  • Lens. Same as Hero 10 Black.
  • Processor. Same as Hero 10 Black.
  • Regulator circuit. It comes with a built-in regulator circuit so you don’t have to worry about how much voltage your drone’s battery is giving it.
  • Volts. The camera is very flexible when it comes to the types of batteries it can take, with the ability to run on anything from 5-27 volts.
  • Control. It can be controlled from your drone’s RC, using the GoPro Quik app, or with GoPro’s The Remote accessory. You can even connect a wire to it that will let you fly with GoPro’s Open GoPro APIs or other open-source flight software.
  • Software. Compatible with GoPro’s ReelSteady stabilization software.

Credit: GoPro

How Much Does the Black Bones Cost?

The camera sells for $500 flat out, or you can get it as part of a GoPro subscription for $400.

The subscription is free when you buy the Bones camera, so it seems like a no-brainer to choose that option. With the subscription you get things like cloud backup for your images and camera replacement.

Right now the Hero 10 Black Bones is only available at GoPro—learn more here.

Credit: GoPro

The Growing Importance of FPV

According to GoPro, the Bones is the first experiment the company plans to make in creating a product for a specific niche.

We’re pretty uniquely positioned to attack unique verticals in image capture that other companies frankly don’t or wouldn’t have the appetite or tech to be able to.

– Pablo Lema, Head of Product at GoPro

It may be the case that GoPro wants to make cameras specifically for other niches, too. But it’s definitely no coincidence that GoPro chose the FPV market as its first foray into this kind of effort.

Since the Right Up Our Alley cinewhoop video went viral last year we’ve seen dozens and dozens of cinewhoop videos make the rounds, with sports teams and other major franchises adopting the approach as a fresh way to showcase their stadiums, venues, or brand in general.

Right Up Our Alley

And it’s not just companies that are using FPV drone footage to spice things up.

Action movies have taken a shine to FPV drone cinematography lately as well. FPV drone footage is featured prominently in Michael Bay’s new movie Ambulance, and it was also a big part of the action in last year’s Netflix hit Red Notice.

Red Notice FPV drone sequences

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