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Instructor: Craig Czerwinski

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Craig trains students at 

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Here’s how it works — Use the buttons below to browse Craig’s availability and to select a date and time for your training. We’ll ask some additional questions and will then follow-up with you to confirm that your class has been booked.

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If you need to pay by check, by purchase order, or have any other questions, please send an email to training@uavcoach.com or call us at (888) 626-9052

Frequently Asked


Can I book a group of 4 or more?

Yes — we’re happy to chat with your group about training options.  Email training@uavcoach.com or call us at (888) 626-9052

What kind of drone will I get to fly?

Our coaches train with DJI equipment — you’ll be flying either a DJI Mavic, DJI Phantom, or DJI Inspire model. If you have questions about the best professional drone models, we’re happy to help.

Can I bring my own drone?

Yes — many of our students prefer to fly with their own equipment. We’ll ask you to make sure that your firmware is up-to-date, to fully charge your transmitter, phone/tablet and to bring extra batteries. We’ll also ask that you’ve registered your drone through the FAADroneZone portal.

Do I need to be FAA Part 107 certified?

No — our instructors are certified and insured under our company policy, so you don’t have to be. If you’re interested in becoming a certified drone pilot, check out our FAA certification guide. We’d love to help you study!

What about inclement weather?

We won’t make you fly in the rain! We’ll work with you and your local flight instructor to reschedule.

Is this a test prep class for the FAA Part 107 drone exam?

No — this is a hands-on drone flight class. If you want to get FAA-certified, check out our industry-leading Part 107 online test prep and training course.

Can I bring a friend, colleague, or family member with me?

Yes! A shared experience with a friend or family member is a great way to learn together and have fun. Our instructors will tailor the experience for your group. You can purchase a group session of 2 people for $395 for 2.5 hours (save $97 per person!) or a group session of 3 people for $495 for 3 hours (save $130 per person!)

Are you insured?

Yes — we hold an insurance policy that covers up to $1 million in liability during the course of your training class. If you bring your own drone to the training, while we would not insure any damage to the drone itself, our liability policy still covers you.

Is this training class right for me?

Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds and industries. If you’re looking to go deep into the DJI Go 4 or DJI Fly app, explore intelligent flight modes and fail-safe settings and to really understand what to do before, during, and after your flight to not only fly safely but to comply with the regulations, then yes, we’d love to see you book time with us.

What's your cancellation policy?

Your flight training is 100% refundable if you cancel at least 3 days before your training date.

Can I buy a class for someone as a gift?

Absolutely! Click here to learn more.

training is TAILORED TO YOUR


  • Meet with an expert and friendly instructor in a convenient outdoor location, like a park or athletic field
  • Learn on a popular DJI drone model provided by the instructor
  • Have 30-45 minutes of hands-on flying time to master orientation, basic flight maneuvers and more advanced flight skills
  • Walk through the DJI Go 4 or DJI Fly app
  • Learn how to handle obstacles such as lost GPS, low battery charge or emergencies
  • Practice flying under various intelligent flight modes
  • Capture photo and video at your flight location
  • Understand best practices of being a safe drone pilot
  • Ask questions about regulations, software, flight operations management, and more
  • Sign up with a friend, colleague, or family member to share the experience. Learn together. Have fun together. Save money together!

Does your team need hands-on drone training?

We work with companies and organizations

enterprise drone training
group drone training fire department
Author picture

An engineering team of four from Amgen needed to survey vertical structures. We set up a custom drone training with one of our Los Angeles instructors.

Author picture

Southeastern Building Corporation wanted to use drones to capture aerial images of their residential and commercial construction projects. Our Nashville drone instructor trained two of their employees.

Author picture

The Rutherford County GIS Department needed to survey land and infrastructure for things like development projects and flood zones. Our Nashville instructor trained three of their team members.

Author picture

Fort Valley State University wanted to train 10 graduate students in their Engineering Technology Department to conduct research projects with their DJI Phantom. We built a half-day custom training with two instructors and two drones.

Great experience with Coach Roger. He listened to my concerns, understood my level of experience and uncertainty, gave me the advice and practice drills to improve my skills, and made sure to answer all my questions. I came away feeling more confident and ready to accelerate my pilot skills.

Fred A

I had lots of fun! I received valuable information in an understandable way. I feel more confident in practicing my new skills safely.

Kimberly B

Roger was absolutely awesome! He’s professional, courteous, safe, came prepared with what I requested to learn, and went above and beyond to give me a fantastic training experience. He helped me with specific drone settings I was curious about, improved my flying confidence, & taught me some safety techniques. 5 out of 5 stars for Roger no doubt!

Scott P

My teacher, Jim B, was excellent! This was just the right kind of training to get me started!

Steve H

My experience with Roger was great. This was my first time flying a drone and he was patient and very clear in his instructions. He exceeded my expectations. Although there is so much to learn I did not feel as nervous as I thought I would due to his calming demeanor.

Marjorie J

I enjoyed every minute of my drone class with Matt Burhart. He was excellent, patient, knowledgeable, and had great teaching skills. After some more flying time, I would like another class with him. I am so glad I got in touch with your company.

Mary M

The class was super-informative. Adam was very friendly, knowledgeable, patient, eager to answer questions and was very committed to our understanding of material, topics and issues related to drone operation. Our instruction experience exceeded our expectations. As a former teacher (M.Ed.) it was clear that there was significant thought put into what was covered, in what order and how to present the material in ways that newbies to drone operation such as myself could “get” what was being discussed and tackle flying modules with confidence and enjoyment. It was WELL worth the money/investment and would strongly recommend such instruction to prospective drone pilots.

Stephanie F

The private lesson about recreational drones was fascinating. After the class, I better understood what drones can and cannot do. The location of the class was very convenient and uncrowded. Matt covered many techniques and tips for successful aerial photographs and for handling the equipment. He also provided a lot of helpful ideas should my husband and I consider buying a “starter” drone.

Pam B

Adam was awesome! Really learned a lot and had a good time. He went at just the right pace.

Lauren P

My session with Terry was AMAZING! He is a fount of wisdom when it comes to drones. Terry spent considerable time going into detail regarding every aspect of flying drones from safety to best practices for batteries to every single icon and feature on the controller, etc. He also has a great knowledge of photography and shared tips about taking photos and videos. I felt that he went above and beyond what I would have expected from a private lesson. It was definitely money well-spent and I would strongly recommend anyone – from casual user to prospective pro – to take advantage of this drone training.

Steven N

Fun when I could do the task, frustrating when I couldn’t. I learned a lot and it’s way better than just reading the manual. Adam did a really good job within the 2 hours available.

Ed N

I did have fun and learned a lot about drones. Jim is very knowledgeable and has the ability to teach and make the instructions easy to learn.

Juliana B

I took this class to learn the basics of flying a drone for a business. Before the class I wrote down twenty questions to ask during the training, Mr. John Diamond answered all my questions and even answered some I hadn’t thought about. Mr. John is very knowledgeable about flying.

Tommy K

Fabulous training! Jim was the ultimate professional, making sure I tried multiple RC and flight skills. I left feeling confidant I could continue learning and improving with the foundations I learned.

Dawn M

John was simply awesome during my training session. We worked on several different maneuvers and flight patterns. John was as patient as he was supportive. Would definitely recommend whether you are a beginner or someone looking to find their flight skills.

Joseph M

We had a great time. It was my first time flying a drone and I can see why people like to fly them. Even flying without a purpose was fun. Jim was great. Explanation was good and I think we all had a good understanding of how to operate a drone when the class was finished. I enjoyed the class. The instructor was excellent! I learned a lot.

Clinton T

Elliot was our instructor and was amazing. His knowledge around safety was paramount and the hands on drone practice was fun and eye opening. Drones are much more easier to operate today when compared to the drones of old. My son and I have already purchased 2 drones and plan to get certified in order to incorporate drone services with the business that I currently own. Thank you for the instruction.

Antionne B

My instructor, John, was incredibly helpful and patient in explaining everything I needed to know step by step.

Sterling W

I had my flight training with Terry yesterday. It was outstanding. I learned so much. Terry is an excellent instructor. His knowledge and experience from being a military helicopter pilot and a current airline pilot provides him with expertise that is priceless. Terry is a very hands-on instructor and answers all questions. I feel more confident and learned so much. I highly recommend that everyone in his area take his class.

Donald K

My UAV Coach, Leo G was fantastic! This was my first experience with a drone and he taught me the ground, flight and drone basics. I knew nothing about flying drones, the airspace or the DJI app going in and now I’m comfortable going out on my own and practicing what he taught. Leo was very personable, knowledgeable and clearly a fun person to hang out with! I enjoyed our session together.

Larry A

I cannot think anything I would add to the hands on training. I loved flying!

Bethany H

My drone training class couldn’t have been better. I can now fly my drone with confidence!! My instructor, Jim Goede, was very thorough and I actually learned more about flying drones than expected. I would recommend UAV to anyone interested in learning how to fly a drone. Thank you again!

Mark R

Met and exceeded my expectations of working with a professional drone pilot. The training was splendid. While I do have some skills, this was a valuable opportunity to work with a professional.

Debbie J

Terry couldn’t have been any better. He was excellent. Took his time with me, showed me everything I asked for. I would recommend Terry to anyone that wanted a clear understanding of drone flying. What a great day.

Ralph C

It was a great experience that our Tribes Planning Commission really enjoyed. Jim Goede was a excellent instructor. He went over an introduction to droning along with the basic safety and guidelines to flying a drone and then gave us flying time. It was amazing to understand that there is so much these drones can do. The 3 things I learned were read your manual, droning is a big responsibility and practice makes perfect.

Robert P

Had a great time. Terry is a fantastic coach and instructor. Extremely smart, experienced and willing to answer any and all questions. I learned a ton and walked away with valuable insights and reference materials and websites to help me along my journey.

Pete C

Had an awesome training session with Pete! Would definitely recommend the hands-on training as it helped me build my confidence in flying.

Kara S

Terry was great!  He is very knowledgeable and provided me with more tools than I expected to get out of the class to be a successful safe drone flyer.

Melissa P

I had a very great time with Pete Harris! His teaching was very easy to follow and his instructions and guidance were clear. He made sure you get the hang of flying while making sure he answers all your questions!

Zion M

It was just great. It could not have been better. Elliott was thoughtful, knowledgeable, personable, patient, genuinely kind, I enjoyed every minute of his class.

Claire W

Elliott was a great instructor. He walked me through all the details and explained things in great detail. You can tell he is extremely passionate in his work and made the training session informative and fun.

Tim O

His friendly and warm personality made the instruction fun. Elliott shared a lot of information with us and gave us good guidance. I would highly recommend Elliott and will keep an eye out if he will provide future instruction on things like taking pics and videos with your drone, etc. Thank you.

Kyna B
Lee F

Leo Garcia is a true professional. Not only was his instruction very informative he also made the training fun. He’s an extremely knowledgeable and personable instructor. I would highly recommend him to any friends who are interested in drone training.

Chuck C

We had an absolute blast, and Leo made everything both informative and instructional.

Scott K

We definitely had fun and we definitely learned a lot. Leo was excellent – very professional. Top, top, top notch instructor!

Joe S

I really enjoyed learning from Pete, he was extremely professional and allowed me plenty of hands on learning.

Curt L

Pete did a wonderful job training on how to use the drone. He was very personable and gave me hands on experience with two different drones. Plus he gave me valuable information on what apps were needed and insurance. Overall it was a great experience and plenty of fun.

Sherry B

Pete is a very low key individual who senses your skill level and works to improve from the starting point. Pete is very knowledgeable and encouraging. He’s offered to answer any questions and act as a resource post session. I would not hesitate to take him up on his offer if need be. I can tell developing a proficient skill level takes a great deal of air time. It was a great experience. You are fortunate to have him on your team.

Jed G

Couldn’t have asked for any better. Pete was extremely knowledgeable in the field of drone photography and answered all of my questions. And also a great guy to talk to in general! Lots of fun and can’t wait to continue on with advancing my skills.

Elliott C
Philip T

I had a great time. I’m glad Jeff recognized my skill level and adjusted to it. Jeff was a great instructor.

Timothy B

Excellent!! Very informative and professional. Most importantly, it was tons of fun!! I would gladly do it again!

Alejandro D

Seth was on time, competent, informative, and provided confidence to a first-time pilot. I was lucky to have a great coach. I will recommend and return as I look to increase my knowledge.

John P

The class was Amazing!! I had so much fun learning. Steven is a great instructor, easy to comprehend, great attitude. Just a great and fun experience all around.

Iris H

Great. We talked before the session and he asked me why I wanted the training and what I expected. Steve prepared me for everything I wanted and more. He gave me a solid foundation and helped me plan a course to continue developing. He covered areas I had not yet considered and gave me more confidence that I will succeed in a new career.

Stephen G

Steve is an excellent Coach. His education, attention, knowledge, patience, respect for the law, and organization is excellent. I highly recommend him.

Rafael G

Training with Mike was great. He taught my son and I so much. Mike made sure he tailored the training according to my future goals of doing roof inspections. I am so glad I started my drone experience with Mike. Thanks Again!

Kenneth P

It was a great time. I learned a lot. Mike took the time to explain everything.

Kevin W

I really enjoyed training. I learned a lot and it was money well spent! This has saved me so much time and I gained so much knowledge.

James N

I just wanted to pass along my experience after training with Brad Pierce today. Excellent on all counts. Brad was personable, patient, experienced, and enthusiastic. It was a great experience and paid for itself in terms of all the painful lessons I no doubt would otherwise have had to learn “the hard way” by simply stabbing about on my own. I left the session feeling like I have a plan and mission to conquer. Brad is a fine representative for your company. I have friends who seem interested in the technology and you can be sure that I will refer them to UAV Coach and Brad. Thanks, folks!

Jonathan K

Brad was great. Well thought out teaching progression, from preflight to actual flying. Knowledgeable, encouraging, patient. All good attributes in a teacher.

Greig C

It was a great experience! My instructor, Brad Pierce, provided a lot of information in a very digestible way. He shared a lot of anecdotal examples to reinforce what he was teaching. It was a very cold, blustery day, but he was able to teach me the fundamentals of flying the drone successfully. I would highly recommend him.

Henry M

It was very informative, my coach was professional, knowledgeable and made me feel completely comfortable flying for the first time.

Will F

The class was fun and informative. Martin taught me things about the drone I wouldn’t have thought about as a novice operator – he was also able to answer all of my questions. I had lots of flying time which was great!

Adia J

My instructor was great. Martin is passionate about drones and he was a super nice guy, professional and fun to talk to. I learned some solid basics on cool shots and how to get started with aerial imaging.

John H

Erik was a great instructor. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things that I wasn’t aware of, for example making sure the appropriate people know that I would be flying my drone. He was patient and made sure I learned how to turn my drone while flying. I can’t wait to continue practicing and honing in my skills.

Marcia M

My training class was a great deal of fun. I learned a lot and became more confident with the flight controls and with the photographic and advanced settings. The instructor is knowledgeable, engaging and a good teacher. Erik understood exactly what I was interested in and focused on making sure I got the underlying concepts.

Ronald A

Erik is great….friendly, warm & really did a great job of communicating the complexities of flying a drone to a very simple & easy to understand method. I’ve watched hours of YouTube videos but learned more in two hours with Erik!!

Billy A

Fantastic experience! Erik was a great teacher and instructor. Erik was incredibly thorough and extremely patient, but most of all, he was supportive and instilled confidence in me. I had purchased my drone a month or so prior to my lesson, but didn’t even want to fly it until I had a lesson. I’ve now been practicing every day, using the exercises he taught me. My confidence is way up!

Paul P

I had a wonderful class with Jeff Keller. He was super knowledgeable and patient with me as I got the feel for the drone for the first time. He did amazing at explaining all of the basics, as well as a bit in depth, given how I’d like to use my drone. I was well listened to with questions and concerns and as an excellent teacher should – he challenged me, but made me build confidence with my very first flight. I am totally impressed!! I am excited to build on what I have learned and would recommend Jeff to anyone who wants to learn how to use a drone. Thank you, again for all that you have provided me and the confidence to keep going!

Stacy W

Christian is a consummate professional. He was patient, insightful, and would be highly recommended to anyone in my network that gets the drone bug.

James R

Christian was outstanding!!! Not only was he knowledgeable and experienced he was an excellent teacher. I left with a much much higher level of confidence than when I arrived.

Susan A

Had a great experience in my one-on-one training class with Jeff Keller. He’s a super personable guy and obviously a very knowledgeable drone pilot. This is great training for anyone who wants to learn the basics about using a drone for independent contract work. And I highly recommend for anyone who wants to get more comfortable with their drone. Look forward to staying in touch with Jeff in the future.

Ryan A

Mr. Tucci was awesome! He gave us a synopsis of the Drone industry and the DJ Mavic 2. He was very patient with us. Training to standard, not time!

Andre P

Our instructor, Seth, was outstanding! He did a great job of going over the basics along with extra tips for learning best practices for flying. By the end of the session we were flying confidently! It was a great experience! Thank you UAV Coach and Seth!

Danielle B
Joel P

Seth Leader, my instructor, was excellent. I learned quite a lot from our training session. Seth is very knowledgeable and willing to teach! Not everyone can walk the talk as he can. In person is much better than reading the manual and looking at opinions on YouTube.

Bryan E

I had so much fun and learned a lot! My instructor Nik was so helpful and made flying easy.

Liz R

Steven was great! Super cool, explained so much in a couple hours perfectly to where I walked away confident and stoked to get into the drone world.

Jeremy D

It was awesome!!! Informative, well structured, hands-on, professional and delivered in low-key very personable way. Can’t speak highly enough of Phil!

Robert H

Steve was a great instructor providing me a wealth of information on safety, preparation, flight planning and new sources of relevant information. In addition, his instruction while I was flying the drone was excellent. Very clear, listened to my responses, supportive when I made mistakes and also showed me features of the controller that I had not known existed.

Robert W

It was good for me to get over the initial battle of nerves and getting my drone in the air. The instructor Phil was very good at getting me started and I very much enjoyed the class! It was fun and the learning curve is pretty steep but I’m now flying whenever it’s not raining. I definitely want to move forward with the next step but need to become comfortable with flying 1st. As I am a photographer that aspect of this is very exciting. Thank you!

Dwain R

My training was awesome and very informative. Learned a lot of things I didn’t know; added emphasis on what I did, which Mr. Mike made it very easy to comprehend. Great professionalism!!! Thanks so much for your service Mr. Mike and Staff!!!

Christopher C

Had a great fun experience with Phil. Learned so much and he helped set up everything from scratch on my DJI drone. I would highly recommend UAV Coach Flight Training for anyone! I am now going to enroll in their FAA Part 107 licensing training. Thanks very much!

Rocco T

Unbelievable value. Tom Peden was an incredible instructor and I can’t think of a way to improve his course. I went in with a minimal amount of knowledge and was very unsure of my drone and it’s operation. I feel very comfortable with the operation of the drone now and have a much better understanding of the laws, regulations and where I can/can’t fly. I can’t recommend this course enough.

William H

I have never flown a drone before and was quite nervous but Brad’s kind nature and love for his craft put all my worries behind me. He taught me the basics of flying the drone and soooooo much more. I had a blast!!!

Terri T

Martin was very helpful and gave some really useful tips on how to fly the drone. I stayed behind after the lesson and practiced for another 45 minutes the exercises we worked on. Although he wasn’t specifically acquainted with my particular model, which is very new so not surprising, it didn’t really matter because what I needed to learn he was able to teach me. I was very satisfied.

Robert G

My flight lesson with Erik was awesome! Our two-hour session began with one hour of rain which we used to review pre-flight prep, the controller, software, weather info, obstructions, and FAA approved/3rd party apps along with some great tricks of the trade. When the weather broke we spent the 2nd hour in the air. Starting with more checks and becoming familiar with the drone, controller, VLOS. etc. Finally, we worked on flight basic patterns and the basics of aerial photography. It was time well spent. Even after spending dozens of hours watching YouTube videos have a in-person instructor is well worth the price. Erik’s experience was obvious. He was patient, knowledgeable and made the experience fun and enjoyable.

Christopher G

Erik knows his stuff. He’s exceptionally experienced and understands how to communicate his expertise in very easy-to-learn exercises. His teaching skills make the technical preflight information understandable and relevant to the work with our drone. I highly recommend take a course with Erik.

Brett F

Christian had a well-considered sequence of instructions and test runs that definitely made the training session worthwhile.

David S

Amazing experience! Nik was so attentive and knowledgeable with Jordan. He was well equipped with various levels of drones. Jordan and Nik were two peas in a pod together. Jordan is 15 and well skilled to proceed to studying for the test at 16. Nik is such an asset and deserves a raise! We are so glad Jordan took the class. We will be participating in future needs from UAV Coach.

Marijo O

I enjoyed the drone instruction by Phil Work. He went out of his way to accommodate my time and location. It was a very hot and bright day outside but he didn’t mind. His training was clear and understandable, and his tips were very helpful.

Stephanie V

My instructor Andrew was fantastic – very knowledgeable, very patient and an overall great person. He took the time to help me understand the safety, FAA regulations, pre-flight checks and most importantly, provided valued instruction. I was nervous because my job just tapped me on the shoulder to learn how to fly a drone and Andrew gave me the confidence to fly by myself within 45 minutes.

Fred R

Jason was very patient with me, explained in detail the process of drone flying and made certain I was aware of all the safety protocols. Thanks Jason for the experience.  I certainly walked away with the importance of safety when flying a drone. I promise next time I’ll make sure all know when I am taking off!

Nicholas C

I took a private lesson with Jason today from UAV Coach at a park in Sayreville, NJ and it was AWESOME! I am so happy I did it before I tried anything on my own. Jason was knowledgeable, experienced, enthusiastic and patient. You learn everything from taking it out of the case, setting it up, battery care, flying, landing, how to react in different scenarios and all the cool camera things a DJI drone can do. I took this for professional and personal experience. Doing this the first time with a professional makes you feel more confident especially when fly it up to 400 feet and then go over the water. I was so nervous. It was a lot of fun too. Highly, highly recommend taking an in-person hands on lesson from UAV Coach.

Dana F

I had a 1 on 1 training class with Jason at Kennedy park in NJ and I have to say it was worth every penny thanks to Jason! He was friendly, intuitive to my particular learning curves and professional in every way. My experience with your company was very positive every step of the way and I will gladly recommend your services to my friends.

Stewart W

My instructor, Michael, was fabulous. His step-by-step approach was not only useful, but as each new skill was taught and absorbed it became a segue leading to the next part of the instruction. He helped to facilitate a growing confidence in flying as time progressed and really took away any hesitancy that may have been present at the beginning of the training. I highly recommend this instructor/coach and I plan on taking the Part 107 course, too.  Thanks a million Michael!!

Craig A
Hilary B

Just wanted to take a minute and express my appreciation with Michael today! Michael was professional, supportive, understanding and adapted to my skill level and interests. I had a great time and it was well worth it! Was not sure what to expect but I truly learned a lot. Michael was an awesome instructor, very patient. I did some practice before the training so Michael was able to focus on the areas that areas that I needed the most help in. Thank You UAV Coach and Thank you Michael.

Matthew P

I enjoyed myself and was happy that Tom customized my training for the topics I wanted to learn. Tom was thorough and professional in his explanation of processes and procedures.

Corey R

Tom was a great teacher. He went through each topic in detail and enabled me to have hands-on learning, which greatly impacted my retention of the course. I’d recommend this training course to anyone starting out with drones.

Ian J

Fantastic! Great class! So glad I did it. I would have spent months getting as proficient as I did in 2 hours with the class. Instructor Tom was awesome!

Kip Z

Learned all the things I wanted to. Great experience and would recommend to others starting out. Instructor was very knowledgeable and patient.

Mohsin S

George was experienced and knowledgeable. After thoroughly explaining the interface and how to operate the controls, we spent a lot of stick time doing various exercises and gaining confidence with the controls.

Rick R
I really enjoyed the personal drone training class. It was the first time I’d actually flew a drone. I learned way more than I thought I would in such a short time. Thank you George. I’m hooked.
Neal W

Ken was very kind and helpful with my 10 yr old grandson.

Ryan D

Having little to no experience flying a drone, this class was great! James taught me the basics, shared best practices to prepare for flying, and overall worked to help me gain confidence while in flight. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in learning to fly drones.

Brenton H

The training was great! The instructor, James, was very knowledgeable about all aspects of sUAS operations, FAA requirements, and so much more! It definitely exceeded my expectations!

Charles R

I was very impressed with the set up. I received a reminder email from UAV Coach. My instructor, James Newton, contacted me in advance of the training date and then followed up with an email to include directions and a reminder on what equipment I needed to bring. The training was informative and comprehensive. The instructor was very well versed and clearly knowledgeable on the subject of drone flight operations and provided information to include additional resources to continue my training. And as promised, sent the information via email so that I would have a hard copy. 5 Star Review!

Sheryl H

I had a great experience with UAV Coach and my instructor, Jim, for a 1-on-1 training session. I had much of the basic knowledge for flying a drone but did not feel confident operating outside of my backyard. Jim was very patient and answered all of my constant questions during the two-hour session. Along with having my drone, he brought a selection of other drones for me to see and learn about the differences. Like any new skill, it’s all about practicing. My time with Jim has given me the confidence to move out of the backyard and continue learning how to be a safe and capable drone pilot. Thank you Jim and UAV Coach!

Michael V

Excellent teacher. Erik really sped up the learning curve and had so much valuable and useful information you didn’t even know you needed to know. Highly recommend.

Shannon S

My husband, son, and I took a private drone lesson with Terry and he was fantastic. Terry met us all at our own levels, as our son is much more technologically inclined than my husband and I. We have been flying our drone for a couple of months and right away found value in Mr. Clunk’s class-we were breaking a lot of laws! We plan to take further classes with Mr. Clunk.

Kristin H

The instruction was outstanding. Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Well worth the money. Learned much about my specific drone as well as general information about types of images to acquire. We flew several of Robert’s drones as well which helps me pick out my next drone.

Ronald S

What an amazing experience. The knowledge Robert brought to the table, along with allowing me to fly his drones, was super exciting! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Travis T

My coach, Ken, did fantastic helping me learn the basics of drone flight. I am totally satisfied with the training session. Ken was very personable, and was able to answer all my questions. He helped me configure and fly my drone for the first time, and allowed me to fly his drone to learn other maneuvers. He is a great asset to your team.

Douglas W

I had high expectations, and Ken blew them out of the water. The session was jam-packed with information and with practical tips on how to handle the drone. It was extremely useful.

Alessandro C

The class was exactly what I needed to give me a solid start to flying.

Rita H

I learned so much! Matt answered all of my questions and then some. He was great with me (a beginner).

Emilie C

Awesome job! Training was awesome! Matt is fantastic!!

Jill C

First: The training was much more fun and easy than I expected. This was absolutely due to my instructor, Andy Allocco. Andy is a very gifted instructor. He easily took the extra time to make sure I understood the training. I have no doubts that I chose the correct school for my drone training.

Clyde A

It was worth it. I learned more than from the YouTube videos I watched. I felt more confident and comfortable operating the drone after knowing I’m doing it right.

David M

The UAV training was very helpful and enjoyable. Andy did a great job covering a broad range of information (from the very start of the preflight inspection of the drone and our operating location all the way to the more detailed functions capable with the specific drone I utilize). It was a great opportunity to put the information I learned from the Drone Pilot Ground School course into practice, develop my skills and confidence of operating the drone, and provided the opportunity to ask several questions. Andy did an excellent job. He went above and beyond in my opinion and was a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Andy to anyone thinking of taking drone training.

Shaun H

Andrew was fantastic – very knowledgeable, very patient and an overall great person. He took the time to help me understand the safety, FAA regulations, pre-flight checks and most importantly provided valued instruction. I was nervous because my job just tapped me on the shoulder to learn how to fly a drone and Andrew gave me the confidence to fly by myself with 45 minutes. Great instruction, great people, good price, great value – big thank you to Andrew!!

Fred R

Yes, I feel this course was an excellent introduction to drones and helped give me exactly the type of hands-on 1st time I was looking for. Andy was incredibly informative and his excitement with the industry is contagious.

Christian S

Joey is an excellent instructor. In a short amount of time he was able to help me feel comfortable with my drone, even as a first time flyer. He is patient and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone getting started in this field.

John C

My instructor was Joey Ambrose. He was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I am so glad I scheduled this session. If you need help in working on your skills or have questions about your drone and how to make it work better for you, schedule a time with someone like Joey Ambrose if at all possible. Joey is very helpful and a real pro!

Bob M

Roger, my drone flight instructor, was very knowledgeable, easy going, and encouraging during my training. It was my first time ever flying a drone, but he helped me forget my fears and provided a super fun experience. Thanks!

Sabrina W

I had never flown a drone before, so I had very little knowledge of what to do or how to do it. Joey Ambrose did a great job of explaining the app, the controls, safety, and how to get me off the ground (so to speak). I was able to fly and maneuver my UAV with ease and now feel much more comfortable with it’s operation and I’m looking forward to getting the most out of videos and pictures from my DJI Mini 2.

Dale N

Robert was a phenomenal instructor. He was patient, encouraging, and the entire course exceeded my expectations. Going from trying to fly a drone and it crashing (years ago) to being told I am a natural was incredible and a direct reflection of the guidance I received from Robert. Thanks again.

Ryan B

The training class was a great experience! Joey instilled confidence in me and provided encouragement during my entire training! The instructor had a wealth of knowledge and experience which made the class that much more enjoyable!

Shawn A

The training yesterday was fantastic. Robert Biggs explained everything from the basics to more advanced topics. He explained it in terms that I could easily understand and learn quickly. He contacted me ahead of time to see if I had any questions and confirmed the event. I was able to fly a couple of his DJI drones to see which one I liked the best. He gave me good advice based on my anticipated usage needs. The training was well worth it. I now feel comfortable purchasing my own drone and being able to set it up and fly it.

Craig L



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Flying Your Drone in Wisconsin

Before your training class, it might be helpful to familiarize yourself with the drone laws in Wisconsin.


If you are flying a drone for fun, you are considered a ‘recreational’ pilot and should be following the Recreational Flyers & Modeler Community-Based Organizations rules. You’ll need to complete The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST), register your drone, and understand where you can and cannot fly.


If you are flying a drone for ‘commercial’ purposes, you’ll need to get your FAA drone pilot certificate. This takes about 15-20 hours of studying and requires you to pass a 60-question multiple-choice exam. Here’s more information about how to get your drone pilot license.


And for fun, here’s a list of the best places to fly your drone in Milwaukee. Blue skies and safe flying out there!


Drone Training Wisconsin

Drone Flight Training

At a Glance

Training Sessions from 2-3 Hrs

Individual or small group sessions typically start at 2 hours and go up to 3 hours with a larger group — this lets each student get plenty of hands-on 'stick time.'

FAA-Certified Part 107 Pilots

Our instructors are professional, experienced and friendly. All are FAA-certified as Remote Pilots and many have military and commercial aviation experience.

Flight Ops & Intelligent Flight Modes

Take your knowledge to the next level with flight operations apps, pre-flight and post-flight checklists, intelligent flight modes and more.

DJI Equipment & Software

We use popular DJI models to teach you the ins and outs of both the drone hardware and the flight software — transferable knowledge if you're already flying or plan to fly a DJI system.

Multirotor Flight Proficiency

Gain confidence, learn how to handle emergencies and feel in control of the drone. Practice flying both basic and advanced maneuvers.

Regulatory Compliance & Safety

Learn the rules about where and when you’re allowed to fly and stay smart, safe and compliant.