Drone News Roundup: $100 Off Our Part 107 Test Prep Course, Search for the Loch Ness Monster by Drone, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
31 August 2023

This week we’re covering UAV Coach’s Labor Day sale, which offers $100 off for Drone Pilot Ground School, our online test prep course to help you pass the Part 107 test.

We’re also covering a plan by Loch Ness Monster fans to use thermal drones to try and find the mythical creature, a reminder not to fly over wildfires, a cinematic tour of Bali shot on the DJI Air 3, and Walmart’s new drone delivery partnership with Wing.

Now let’s get to those links!

Get $100 Off Our Part 107 Test Prep Course


Thinking about becoming a commercial drone pilot? The most challenging part of the process is the Part 107 exam. That’s why we created Drone Pilot Ground School, a self-guided test prep course that covers everything you need to know to pass the test. We launched Drone Pilot Ground School in 2016, right when the FAA announced the Part 107 rules. Since then, we’ve trained over 50,000 drone pilots for the test, with a 99%+ pass rate. And we don’t just help you pass the test. We also provide our students with live support, a knowledge center, a library of practice tests and resources, and lifetime access. Today through September 6th you can get $100 off Drone Pilot Ground School—follow the link below to learn more.


Loch Ness Monster Fans Plan to Use Drones in Huge Search


Credit: AP

Well this is just fun. The newly revitalized Loch Ness Centre is planning a huge search party, bringing in volunteers both in-person and online to survey the loch for a period of two days to see if they can find any signs of the elusive, mythical creature. As part of the watch, a voluntary research team called Loch Ness Exploration will help by bringing in cutting edge technology that has never before been used to look for the Loch Ness Monster. The list includes surveying equipment, a hydrophone to listen underwater, and—you guessed it—drones equipped with thermal cameras. It’s been 90 years since the first report of the Monster was made. Maybe this upcoming search party will provide proof, or at least just enough evidence to help us continue believing that the truth is out there.


If You Fly, We Can’t: Reminder Not to Fly Drones Over Wildfires

This summer has seen record heat waves. With them have come an onslaught of huge wildfires, from recent fires in Washington state to the devastating fires in Maui. And apparently some drone pilots have been flying over these fires. While the urge to see what’s going on or to capture a once-in-a-lifetime aerial shot over a raging forest fire is understandable, it’s really important to say: Please do not fly over active wildfires. The FAA issues TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) over these areas for a reason—because when a drone is flying over an area, it prevents crewed aircraft involved in fighting the fire from flying there. This means that flying a drone over the fire could quite literally halt the firefighting effort, not to mention endanger those who are doing the firefighting. To emphasize this point, the U.S. Forest Service launched the educational slogan If You Fly, We Can’t a few years back. And the point is still incredibly important. Please don’t fly over active wildfires, and please let other drone pilots in your community know.


Exploring Bali with the DJI Air 3

How To Make Cinematic Videos with the DJI AIR 3 - BALI

This long-form vlog from creator Chris Rogers takes you on an intimate tour of Bali, featuring lots of aerial footage shot on the new DJI Air 3. About the trip and making the video, Rogers wrote: “Returned to one of my favorite islands in Indonesia to explore all parts, from waterfalls in Munduk, free diving in Nusa Penida, cliff jumps in North Bali, sunrises in Ubud and all the incredible landscapes.” Check out the moment at 00:48 for a magical, beautifully shot transition from riding motorbikes in the countryside to surfing in some of the bluest water in the world.


Walmart Announces Drone Delivery Partnership with Wing

Wing has partnered with Walmart to make drone deliveries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. According to Walmart, the partnership will allow it to offer drone delivery to 60,000 new homes. At first, deliveries will be made from a Walmart in Frisco, Texas to those homes within six miles. From there the program will expand to a second location. Items that can be ordered include “everything from full lunches to quick afternoon snacks or over-the-counter medicines,” with deliveries promised to arrive in under 30 minutes. That’s the same time commitment made by DroneUp, another Walmart drone delivery partner. DroneUp has had some struggles this year, with two waves of mass layoffs and a big pivot from offering a variety of drone services to offering only drone delivery. For now, DroneUp still has the lion’s share of Walmart’s drone delivery business, and gets most of the credit for Walmart’s recent 10,000 drone delivery milestone.


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