Drone News Roundup: Tour of Iceland with the DJI Inspire 3, Sneak Peek into DJI’s Design Process, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
29 June 2023

This week we’re covering a drone video featuring beautiful shots of Iceland’s glaciers shot entirely on the DJI Inspire 3.

We’re also covering a sneak peek behind the scenes into how DJI designs its drones, a search and rescue team finding a lost kayaker with a thermal drone, the Teal 2’s addition to the Blue UAS list, and drone taxi company AIR’s ambition to make a personal passenger drone for everyone.

Now let’s get to those links!

“Journey of Ice” Features Beautiful Glacier Imagery Shot on the DJI Inspire 3

The Journey of Ice | DJI Inspire 3

This new video from Benjamin Hardman takes us on a tour of the glaciers of Iceland, tracking the ice’s transition as it melts and runs into glacial rivers. The video showcases the mesmerizing, repeating patterns of the hardened ice, following its slow metamorphosis into running water that flows out into the ocean. The video was shot entirely on the new DJI Inspire 3, the update to the Inspire 2 that took seven years to make. Take a look at these beautiful shots of glaciers for today’s moment of Zen.


How Does DJI Design Drones? Here’s a Sneak Peek

Wondering how DJI does its design work? According to industry insider @Quadro_News, DJI’s design process starts with hand-drawn sketches, iterating out different drawings until the basic form of the drone starts to crystallize. Below are a few more images showcasing this hand-drawn approach to design—follow the link below to learn more.



Thermal Drone Helps Find Missing Kayaker

Center Conway Fire uses drone to find kayaker who went missing on Saco River

A 69-year old man’s kayak flipped recently while he was on the Saco River in New Hampshire with his son. The man swam to shore, and his son was washed away down the river in a separate kayak. By nightfall the man still wasn’t found. First responders from the Conway Fire Department and New Hampshire Fish and Game were sent to the scene and found the missing man quickly using a drone equipped with a thermal sensor.


Teal 2 Added to the Blue UAS List

Teal 2 sUAS Overview Video

Red Cat Holdings, the company that owns Teal Drones, recently announced that its Teal 2 drone has been added to the Blue UAS list by the Department of Defense. The Teal 2 is the second drone from Teal to be given the Blue UAS designation (the Golden Eagle was the first). Blue UAS are drones cleared for use by the Department of Defense by undergoing a rigorous review process. Teal Drones joins Harris Aerial, Inspired Flight, and Parrot, all of which also have two drones on the Blue UAS list.


AIR Taxi Drone Company Wants Everyone to Have a Personal Passenger Drone

Credit: AIR

Israeli drone taxi company AIR has an ambitious plan for the future—an individual taxi drone for everyone. AIR is pushing this vision forward by partnering with UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) software company High Lander. High Lander’s software will help AIR’s passenger drones get flight approvals, conduct real-time flight monitoring, and receive in-flight conflict warnings. AIR recently completed its first UTM-integrated test flight at an active airfield near a military base in the south of Israel, flying in an area where there are other active aircraft to make for a realistic testing scenario for UTM.


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