Drone News Roundup: FPV Drone Footage in Red Notice Action Scenes, Renault’s Classic 1960’s 4L Car Made into a Drone Taxi, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
3 December 2021

This week we’re covering a video featuring action sequences captured by FPV drone from the new Netflix movie Red Notice.

We’re also covering a video from French automaker Renault showing how they have transformed their classic 4L car into a drone taxi, free service extensions from DJI for any Mavic 3 models purchased by the end of the year, new drone delivery programs by DroneUp and Zipline launched in partnership with Walmart, and Australia’s ambitious effort to update its aging roads using drones and AI.

Now on to the links!

Action Scenes in Red Notice Shot in FPV by Johnny FPV

Red Notice FPV drone sequences

Red Notice, an action-comedy starring Gal Godot, The Rock, and Ryan Reynolds, recently had a huge debut, winning the biggest opening day yet for a movie on Netflix. The movie was shot in far-flung locations like Cairo, Rome, and Bali, and it features some incredible action sequences. The aerial action was shot by Johnny FPV, who has been making a huge name for himself lately, doing work with global brands like Porsche and others. This was Johnny FPV’s first time working on a Hollywood movie, and the results were incredible—see for yourself in the video above.


Renault Reimagines Its Classic 1960s 4L Car as a Drone Taxi

Air 4 reveal, au dessus des nuages I Renault 4L

Iconic French automaker Renault recently released this video showing a team constructing an eVTOL version of its classic L4 car. Renault has named its flying car the AIR4, and it definitely looks cool. But it is a little hard to tell if this is an art project or if Renault is actually throwing its hat in the ring when it comes to manufacturing flying cars. According to design firm TheArsenale, which teamed up with Renault on this project, the AIR4 actually flies and is “not a concept or a joke.”


DJI Offers Free Service Extensions for the Mavic 3

Credit: DJI

DJI is offering free service extensions on the Mavic 3 for any model or combo purchased by the end of the year. These extensions include longer warranty periods and longer damage coverage for those who buy DJI Care Refresh for their Mavic 3. The Mavic 3 is definitely pricey—it starts at around $2,200, and the Cine Premium Combo (the only way you can buy the Cine model) is around $5,000. But if you’ve been on the fence about getting a Mavic 3, these service extensions might help you feel reassured that your investment will be protected. According to DJI, the extensions will be applied to any Mavic 3 purchased by the end of 2021, with no extra action required.


DroneUp and Zipline Each Launch Drone Delivery Programs in Partnership with Walmart

Credit: DroneUp

Both DroneUp and Zipline recently announced new drone delivery programs in Arkansas in partnership with Walmart. DroneUp’s program will feature three hubs made for on-demand drone deliveries, which will be located in the cities of Farmington, Rogers, and Bentonville. Items available for delivery from DroneUp will include an array of consumer goods small enough to be carried by drone—the Farmington location is already live and taking orders here. Zipline’s drone delivery program is currently only located in Pea Ridge, AR. Items available for delivery from Zipline will be limited to health and wellness products.


Australia Does Huge Sprint of Road Repair Projects Using Drones and AI

Image source

Australia is currently conducting a “regional road maintenance blitz” focused on updating its aging roads. In the state of Victoria alone the government is leading over 1,000 road-related projects, spanning almost 870 miles of roads. The work requires an initial survey of the roads in order to determine where work needs to be done, and that’s where drones come in. Using drones, Australian road maintenance personnel have been collecting aerial data and analyzing it with AI-powered software to identify potential areas in need of work. Given the recent passage of the massive infrastructure bill here in the U.S., we may see similar widespread drone adoption for road maintenance and other infrastructure work, like sewer inspections, in the near future.


FAA Launches 12 Days of Drones Safety Campaign

Credit: FAA

Starting yesterday, December 2, and going for the next 12 days, the FAA is running a campaign to inform drone pilots about safety. The campaign is timed to reach those who might be receiving or giving a drone as a present, but it’s meant for both recreational flyers and commercial drone pilots and has useful information for various levels of drone experience.

Here is the schedule:

  • Day 1 (12/2): What do I need to know before I fly?
  • Day 2 (12/3): Register and mark your drone
  • Day 3 (12/6): Test requirements for recreational flyers: The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST)
  • Day 4 (12/7): Test requirements: Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate
  • Day 5 (12/8): Where can I fly?
  • Day 6 (12/9): Airspace restrictions
  • Day 7 (12/10): Airspace authorizations
  • Day 8 (12/13): Flying at night
  • Day 9 (12/14): Flying over people
  • Day 10 (12/15): Flying in weather conditions
  • Day 11 (12/16): Don’t fly near wildfires, natural disasters and police operations
  • Day 12 (12/17): Drones for good


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