Drone News Roundup: Insane FPV Drone Footage of an Avalanche, Combining an FPV Drone with a Super 8 Camera, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
25 May 2023

This week we’re covering a video featuring insane closeup FPV drone footage of a massive avalanche.

We’re also covering an experiment in which a Super 8 camera was attached to an FPV drone—with incredible results, a funny video of a man taking a ride on a huge DJI drone, Parrot’s partnership with software company Tinamu for warehouse inventory monitoring, and a SWAT team’s use of the SIRAS drone to chase down an escaped convict at night.

Now let’s get to those links!

Huge Avalanche Caught Up Close by FPV drone

Avalanche caught CLOSE-UP by FPV drone - Long range mountain surfing in 4k

Talk about timing! This footage of a massive avalanche on Vancouver Island was captured by a custom long range drone made by YouTuber Mactac. According to him, he was in the area to shoot cinematic FPV drone footage when a severe avalanche warning was issued. When he saw an avalanche happening close by, he scrambled to get his drone back in the air to shoot it. And he caught it just in time, getting some incredible shots of the snow coming down the mountain that showcase just how raw and powerful an avalanche is.


Shooting with a Super 8 Camera on an FPV drone

Super 8 film on a drone

Super 8 footage equals instant nostalgia. Think camera reels, with cigarette burns marking the end of one section and the start of the other. Australian photographer and drone pilot Jason De Freitas wanted to see if he could capture Super 8 footage using a new perspective—an FPV drone. Watch this video to see how he pulled the idea off, and the results of this incredible experiment. To learn more about De Freitas and his work, follow the link below to read an article we wrote about two of his projects, or follow him on Instagram.


Man Takes a Ride on the DJI Agras T40

농업용 드론 DJI T40

Why must you climb the mountain? Because it’s there. And why must you punch leg holes in a plastic bucket, attach it to a DJI Agras T40, and fly yourself into the sky? Same answer. But in all seriousness, this looks really dangerous—please, please don’t try anything like this at home.


Parrot ANAFI Can Now Be Used for Indoor Warehouse Monitoring

Tinamu - Automated Inventory Management

Through a new partnership with Tinamu, a drone automation software company, the Parrot ANAFI can now be used for warehouse inventory management. Tinamu’s software allows the ANAFI to fly inside warehouses autonomously, without a pilot present, providing an “advanced, completely automated robotic solution built for industry.” Warehouse monitoring is a rapidly growing use case for drone technology. Equipping the ANAFI so it can do this work adds one more contender to the list of drones that can meet the increasing demand.


FLIR’s SIRAS Drone Helps Catch Escaped Felon in Texas

Credit: FLIR

A few months back, a SWAT team in Texas used Teledyne FLIR’s SIRAS drone to search for an escaped convict. The felon had run into a residential neighborhood and was hiding. The SIRAS is equipped with a thermal camera, which proved crucial for the search, given that it took place at night. The SIRAS has a 35 minute battery life and no GEO fencing, features that proved useful for the manhunt, allowing law enforcement to get the drone in the air right away, and keep it there for a long period of time.


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