Drone News Roundup: Super Fast FPV Flying in an Abandoned Warehouse, Dutch Castles by Drone, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
23 June 2022

This week we’re covering a video featuring super fast, expert FPV flying through an abandoned warehouse.

We’re also covering a mellow cinematic drone video of Dutch castles, a new startup that uses drones to measure the height of waves, the three BVLOS waivers recently granted to security drone company Asylon, and Skydio’s discount program for public safety agencies and military employees.

Now let’s get to the links!

Super Fast FPV Tour through a Huge Abandoned Building

Why Should you fly Freestyle at 800mW? | FPV

In this fun FPV video from Mr. Steele we get a lightning fast FPV tour through an abandoned building, shooting up several flights of stairs to pop out a window before zooming back into the building, where we see that part of the open concrete space has been turned into a makeshift skateboard park. The flying here is impressive, and we get a split screen where we can see what the pilot is doing with the sticks throughout the flight. There’s no music for most of the video—just the sounds of the drone in flight, directing focus to the incredible flying.


Drone Video Featuring Dutch Castles

Dutch Castles & Country Houses | 4K cinematic drone video

Who knew there were so many castles in Holland? In this video featuring Dutch castles, we get a cinematic tour by drone of several castles found throughout Holland. The music is slow and serene, serving to emphasize the majestic feeling you get looking at these huge, ancient structures. If you’re in need of some drone video zen, you’ve found it.


Measuring the Height of Waves by Drone

Henet Wave demonstration project at XXL Nazare

If you surf, then you know that it can be challenging to get an accurate measurement for the height of a wave. And wave height does matter, both for bragging rights and for judging surfing competitions. A new startup called Henet Wave aims to solve this problem with drones. The company’s two founders are both surfers, and they’ve found a way to create accurate measurements of waves using a proprietary wave height algorithm and a drone. The drone acts as what Henet calls an “aerial buoy,” allowing researchers to gather key data that can be processed with the algorithm to determine a wave’s height.


Asylon Gets 3 BVLOS Waivers to Use Its Drone-in-a-Box for Perimeter Security

Credit: Asylon

Asylon has secured three BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) waivers for DroneSentry, its automated security drone-in-a-box system and service. The waivers will allow Asylon to use its drones at four sites around the U.S., including at a new facility owned by GXO located in Clayton, Indiana. For the operation in Clayton, the waiver also grants Asylon permission to fly over people, at night, and over moving vehicles. Asylon’s drones are used for security, allowing large logistics companies like FedEx to automate security patrols by using drones that are completely automated and remotely managed to identify potential breeches. These three waivers are the first that have ever been granted for automated drone operations to be used in a security-focused application.


Skydio Discount Program Offers $100 off for Military, Police, and Firefighters

Credit: Skydio

Skydio recently announced a discount program. The program offers $100 for any Skydio 2+ kit purchased by eligible military service members, veterans, or first responders that are purchased directly from the Skydio website. Here are all the groups eligible for the discount:

Military: United States and Canada

  • Active duty – currently serving
  • Veterans – who formerly served
  • Dependents (spouse or child of above)

First Responders: United States and Canada

  • Law Enforcement (police, deputies, federal LEO)
  • Firefighters (county, city, wilderness)
  • EMT / EMS nurses
  • Doctors in public service
  • Retired first responders


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