Drone News Roundup: Drone Gets Rare Glimpse of Moose Shedding Its Antlers, How to Pick the Right Drone for Your Needs, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
9 February 2023

This week we’re covering a drone video of a moose shaking free its antlers for the winter, making for a rare and beautiful aerial shot.

We’re also covering a video made to help you find the right drone for your needs, an FPV drone tour of the Azores islands, a video featuring a special research drone made to collect DNA from trees, and an upcoming workshop focused on drones and the law scheduled to take place alongside AUVSI.

Now on to the links!

Drone Captures Rare Footage of Moose Shedding Its Antlers

Canadian Bull Moose Sheds Both Antlers...CAUGHT ON CAMERA!! (RARE FOOTAGE)

A drone pilot and avid outdoorsman in New Brunswick, Canada recently captured footage of a bull moose shedding its antlers in preparation for the winter. The moose was traveling with two others, both of which had already shed their antlers. The aerial shot would be worth watching just to see the moose in the snowy wild, but the moment when the bull shakes off his antlers is magical. Watch to the end to see him shake his whole body, making both of his antlers fly from his head.


Which Drone Is Right for You?

Which DJI or Autel Drone is Right for YOU?

Looking for a drone? Check out this guide made to help you find the right drone for your needs. The guide covers the five most populars uses for drones—recreational, commercial, general cinematic work, serious industrial work, and precision cinematic work. For each category, you get examples of different drone models to consider buying. Take a look to help you get started finding the right drone for your needs.


Tropical Island vs. FPV Drone


This quick, fun FPV drone video shot in the Azores features stunning shots of green mountains, beaches, and stony rock outcroppings in the ocean, taking you on a high speed tour of the natural beauty found among these remote islands. The Azores are an archipelago made up of nine volcanic islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, which are officially an autonomous region of Portugal, even though they’re 870 miles out in the ocean. The video was shot by drone pilot David Gu using a GoPro 6 mounted on a FlowX v2 drone, which is made by FPVFrame.ch.


Special Research Drone Collects DNA from Trees

Special drone collects environmental DNA from trees

Researchers in Switzerland have developed a special drone made to land on tree branches and collect DNA. The drone carries adhesive strips, which collect genetic material when the drone lands on or even just touches areas of a tree where researchers want to make collections. Collecting genetic material from the treetops can be challenging and dangerous, and the ability to collect samples remotely by drone opens up new possibilities for scientists. The special tree DNA collection drone was made with support from ETH Zurich and WSL, a Swiss Federal research institute.


Upcoming Workshop Focuses on the Law and Drones in Tandem with AUVSI


Want to learn more about the law and drones? The Law-Tech Connect workshop may be one of the best places around to dive deeply into the topic. The workshop is a one-day educational event that will be put on in partnership with AUVIS on the first day of its 2023 conference, which is taking place in Denver this year from May 8-11. According to AUVSI, the Law Tech-Connect workshop will provide “one-of-a-kind legal, regulatory and policy knowledge relating to uncrewed systems, autonomy and advanced air mobility.” The event isn’t only for lawyers, though lawyers are welcome and encouraged to attend.


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