Drone News Roundup: Drone Flies into a Waterfall on Purpose, Over 80,000 DJI Drone IDs Exposed in Data Breach, and More

BY Zacc Dukowitz
27 October 2022

This week we’re covering a video of a drone flying straight into a waterfall, transitioning from the waterfall’s noisy rumble to the serenely quiet space underwater.

We’re also covering news that data for over 80,000 DJI drones was recently found exposed, a beautiful FPV reel that contains footage from around the world, a drone video shot on the DJI Mini 2 featuring surfing and sharks, and Everdrone’s recognition as a “Top Most Promising Tech Company” in Sweden.

Now let’s get to those links!

Drone Flies Straight into a Waterfall—On Purpose

Fly Water - FPV to New Depths

In the first shot of this video by content creator blastr, the drone flies up a waterfall—and then into the water. Now submerged, the mood shifts, and we float for a moment in the calm of an underwater world. We’ve seen footage from custom drones that can both fly in the air and go underwater. But this video goes beyond the neat trick of getting footage in water to creating something of beauty from this capability. Watch the video linked below on blastr’s Instagram account to see how he rigged his drone to capture this footage, and to find more videos like this.


Over 80,000 DJI Drone IDs Exposed in Data Breach

Image source

A database that held information from 66 different DJI AeroScope devices (airspace monitoring devices that let you track drones) was recently found publicly accessible. According to reporting from Cybernews, the unprotected database contained over 90 million drone-monitoring logs, with over 80,000 unique drone IDs. Of the 66 AeroScopes whose data was unprotected, 53 were located in the U.S.


Stunning FPV Reel Features Shots from Bali, Iceland, and More

My Best FPV Drone Clips – Bali, Thailand, Iceland

This reel from content creator Man from Earth is just plain fun to watch. It features beautiful FPV footage from their travels to Thailand, Bali, and Iceland, cutting between epic shots of waterfalls and mountain vistas before closing out with some fun, cinewhoop-style trick flying. The footage was shot on a DJI FPV with a naked GoPro 8, a GoPro 8, and a GoPro 10.


DJI Mini 2 Hawaii Footage Features Surfing, Sharks, and More

Come for the surf footage, stay for the sharks and whales. This impressive drone video shot all on a DJI Mini 2 features some incredible surfing as well as aerial footage of whales and sharks, all captured over the course of a year by a DJI Mini 2. The footage was shot in Hawaii and it’s well worth watching, even if you’re not into surfing.


Everdrone Recognized for Using Drones to Save Lives

The future of emergency response is here

Everdrone delivers defibrillators by drone to help save those suffering from cardiac arrest, providing just-in-time support that can help save lives as highlighted in the video above. In recognition of its work, the company was just selected as a top innovator for Ny Teknik’s Top 33 Most Promising Tech Companies in Sweden for the third time. And the recognition is well deserved. Everdrone has been steadily expanding its delivery networks, currently serving about 340,000 people total in Sweden and Denmark.


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