Drone News Roundup: Best Drone Video of 2022, DJI Avata Tour of the Porsche Museum, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
27 April 2023

This week we’re covering the video that won the “Annual Best Work” prize from SkyPixel for last year, making it one of the top drone videos of 2022.

We’re also covering an FPV drone tour of the Porsche museum shot on the DJI Avata, an incredible drone light show at Coachella, a new ebook from Commercial UAV News on barriers to drone adoption and how to overcome them, and DroneUp’s partnership with Doosan to test hydrogen fuel cells for its drone operations.

Now let’s get to those links!

The Best Drone Video of 2022

Why I Travel The World Alone 4k

This video shot by drone videographer Bashir Abu Shakra has a good case to make for being the best drone videos of last year, given that it got the top all around prize in SkyPixel’s 8th Annual Photo & Video Contest. Shot on both a DJI Phantom 4 Pro and a DJI Mavic 3, the video features shots of Shakra’s travels from far flung locations around the world, including the Alps, Brazil, and Mongolia. According to Shakra it took four years for him to make it, and at times he risked his life just to get the perfect shot.


Flying the DJI Avata through the Porsche Museum

Flying DJI Avata through the Porsche Museum

Beautiful cars and FPV drones—it’s a match made in heaven. This cinewhoop-style tour through the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany was shot in a single take on the DJI Avata, showcasing its ability to capture super smooth FPV fly throughs. The video has some tight squeezes for the Avata, which may make you grip the edge of your seat, especially given that some of the cars the drone is flying over, under, and even through are incredibly expensive, one-of-a-kind Porsche models. The Avata recently got new goggles, a new RC, and a firmware update, and this video does a great job showcasing the impressive shots you can get with it.


Drone Light Shows Take Center Stage at Coachella

Singapore-based drone light show company SKYMAGIC recently put on some epic light shows over the main stage at Coachella, using 500 LED-equipped drones to create psychedelic slugs and space explorers in the night sky. The company was hired by Korean girl group BLACKPINK, the headliners of Coachella this year. The light shows happened during both BLACKPINK’s performance and Icelandic musician Björk’s performance.


Barriers to Drone Adoption—And How to Overcome Them

Credit: Commercial UAV News

This new ebook from Commercial UAV News covers the top six barriers to adopting drones for commercial operations, and how to overcome them. At 31 pages, the piece is incredibly thorough, providing six barriers per industry that it covers—and it covers a lot of industries. These industries include energy, construction, public safety, mining, agriculture, and more. Regulations and cost are two barriers that recur across more than one industry. Read the full ebook to see the entire list of barriers per industry, as well as insights on how to remove them.


DroneUp Tests Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Drone Delivery


DroneUp has announced plans to partner with Doosan to test its hydrogen fuel cell technology in its drone delivery operations. Hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to significantly extend flight times by anywhere from two to five hours, according to DroneUp. In 2019, Doosan demonstrated the long range flight capability of its cells by flying 43 miles over open ocean in a test flight that took almost two hours to complete. In addition to letting its delivery drones fly longer, DroneUp is interested in hydrogen as a fuel source because it will help reduce carbon emissions. Although it’s just now being made public, the partnership between the two companies began four months ago, in October of 2022.


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