Drone News Roundup: Win a Free Drone During UAV Coach’s 12 Days of Giveaways, Drone Holiday Gift Guide, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
15 December 2022

This week we’re covering an ongoing series of giveaways UAV Coach is currently conducting called 12 Days of Giveaways, during which you can enter to win a Skydio 2+, a DJI Avata, and other drone accessories and goodies.

We’re also covering UAV Coach’s Drone Holiday Gift Guide, Wing’s cutting edge remote ops control centers for drone deliveries, Apple’s new patent for drone remote controller technology, and the FAA’s 12 Days of Drones holiday campaign to promote safety and share information about how to fly drones in the U.S.

Now on to the links!

Win a Free Drone or Drone Accessory through UAV Coach’s 12 Days of Giveaways


Want to win a free Skydio 2+? Or how about drone accessories, like a drone skin? We’re running a holiday giveaway right now called 12 Days of Giveaways, and you have the chance to enter to win. But you have to enter soon. The giveaways started on December 1, and there are just two days left to enter—today and tomorrow. Winners will be announced next Monday, December 16. Each giveaway has different eligibility requirements—follow the link below to learn more on the UAV Coach Instagram account.


Looking for Present Ideas? Check Out the UAV Coach Holiday Gift Guide

Trying to find the right drone gift? Our Drone Holiday Gift Guide has a host of ideas for the drone enthusiast in your life. From drones and drone accessories, to drone flying lessons and a certification course, to photo and video gear, we’ve got a comprehensive list of drone gift ideas to help take the legwork out of your holiday shopping. On a budget? Our gift ideas start at just $13, so we’ve got you covered there, too. Follow the link below to check out the Drone Holiday Gift Guide, recently updated for 2022.


Wing’s First-of-Its-Kind Remote Ops Drone Delivery Center

Pilot in Command | Wing drone delivery

Wing recently opened drone delivery remote operations centers in Palo Alto, CA and Dallas-Fort Worth, TX. These centers are places where drone pilots remotely oversee drone delivery flights, focusing not on a single drone’s operations but on multiple simultaneous flights across entire service areas where Wing operates. Wing’s flight navigation systems plan the drones’ routes, and then the drones execute these routes with oversight from the remote pilots. Watch the video above to see these remote ops centers in action.

Apple Files Patent for Drone Remote Controller Tech


Apple may be getting into the drone game. The company known for the iPhone recently secured a patent for drone remote controller technology. The patent describes systems that can pair and unpair drone RCs as well as technology that can support drone tracking. Apple applied for the patent in October of 2021, and just received it this month. Of course, securing a patent doesn’t mean the company actually plans to make drones or drone remote controllers, but it certainly seems like Apple is considering a future play in the drone world.


FAA’s 12 Days of Drones Details Safety Best Practices for Flying a Drone

The FAA’s 12 Days of Drones are underway, providing helpful tips and safety information for drone pilots. The holiday season is the occasion for the campaign, since the FAA wants to make sure that people receiving drones as a present get easy access to all the regulatory information they need to know, both for recreational flyers and for commercial drone pilots. It’s important to note that the information in the FAA’s 12 Days of Drones isn’t just for new drone pilots—even for those who have been flying for some time, there are some useful reminders in there.


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