Autel Releases Big Firmware Update for EVO Nano and EVO Lite Series

BY Zacc Dukowitz
22 February 2022

Last month Autel released the EVO Lite and the EVO Nano at CES 2022. Each one comes with a “plus” version, which includes a better camera and some additional upgrades.

This month, Autel released a major firmware update for these new drones.

Update V1.1.14 is free. It enhances ease-of-use and performance, fixes bugs, and brings several new features to the EVO Lite, EVO Lite +, EVO Nano, and EVO Nano+.

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Credit: Autel

What’s Been Updated?

Here’s everything that comes with firmware V1.1.14:

  • Multiple video frame rate choices up to 50 fps (24/25/48/50 fps)
  • Improved album ordering and SD Card handling
  • Photo stamps—lets you add information directly in the frame, including time of day and location (found in the English-language version of the Autel Sky app)
  • Optimized continuous zoom mode—press and hold down the zoom button for gradual and fluid zooming in on a subject
    Improved wind resistance while hovering
  • Manual focus control for most models (Lite, Lite+, and Nano+ only)
  • Enhanced photo resolution options—8192×6144 and 8000×6000 pixels—in some models (Nano and Nano+)
  • Jello effect fixed (Nano and Nano+ only)
  • Speed Priority (max speed 33 mph) and Video Priority (max speed 29 mph) added to Ludicrous Mode, which enables fast flying (Nano and Nano+ only)

The Autel EVO Lite

Get the Update Now

Want to get the update? Here are the links:

Watch this video for more information on how to update the firmware on an Autel drone:

Updating Firmware On The EVO II Enterprise with Jon McBride

About the EVO Nano

The EVO Nano is a compact, lightweight consumer drone made to compete with the DJI Mini 2.


Here are the main specs and features for the Nano:

  • Camera. 1/1.28″ CMOS with 50MP (on the Nano+); 1/2″ CMOS with 4K/30fps video/48MP (on the Nano).
  • Weight. .55 pounds (249 grams).
  • Flight time. 28 minutes.
  • Range. 6.2 miles.
  • Gimbal. Three-axis mechanical gimbal to prevent vibration.
  • Obstacle avoidance. Only drone of its size to offer an advanced obstacle avoidance system (according to Autel).

Watch this video to learn more about the Nano:

Introducing: The EVO Nano Series

About the EVO Lite

The Evo Lite is a prosumer drone made to compete with the DJI Air 2S.


Here are the main specs and features for the Lite:

  • Camera. 1″ CMOS with 6K/30FPS video/20MP and an adjustable aperture from f/2.8-f/11 (on the Lite+); 1/1.28″ 4K HDR video/50MP (on the Lite).
  • Weight. 1.8 pounds (820 grams).
  • Flight time. 40 minutes of flight time.
  • Range. 7.4 mile max range across three frequencies
  • Gimbal. 4-axis gimbal design lets you shoot vertical video.
  • Obstacle avoidance. Ultra wide angle obstacle avoidance with a front field of view of 150 degrees.

Watch this video to learn more about the Autel EVO Lite:

Introducing: The EVO Lite Series

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