DJI Air 3 Price, Dual Camera System, and More Revealed in Recent Leaks

BY Zacc Dukowitz
28 June 2023

Last week rumors were flying around the internet that the DJI Air 3 would be released this Wednesday, June 28.

Clearly that didn’t happen. But we did see several more leaks about the Air 3 this week, confirming that a release is imminent.


DJI has been running a sale on the Air 2S this week, indicating that it’s trying to clear out existing stock to get ready for the launch.

Here’s what we learned from all the leaks:

  • The Air 3 will come with a dual camera system—one wide-angle and one telescope.
  • The Air 3 will come with two new controller options—the DJI RC-N2 controller or the DJI RC 2.
  • Pricing starts at $1,217 (962 pounds)—that’s for a Fly More Combo (it looks like there won’t be a standalone purchase option for the Air 3

The biggest source for the leaks was a German website called WinFuture—it featured several photos of the Air 3 (we’ll share them below). Pricing was also revealed on Amazon UK by accident.

Keep reading to get all the details.

The Air 3’s Dual Camera System

In some of the leaked images of the Air 3 we can make out a dual camera gimbal.

The two cameras are a wide-angle camera and a telephoto lens camera stacked on top of each other in a single module.

We don’t know the exact specs yet for the two cameras.


But if you look closely in some of the photos, it seems like you make out “F2.8” on the top camera. If the module is similar to the Mavic 3’s, which it seems to be, then the bottom camera will be the main one for the Air 3.

One other thing we know from the photos is that the Air 3 doesn’t have any Hasselblad camera, unlike the Mavic 3.

New Controllers and a Bigger Battery

According to leaks, the Air 3 is being released along with two new controllers—the DJI RC 2 and the DJI RC-N2.

Based on photos, the RC 2 looks similar to the original RC that came out with the Mini 3 Pro except that it has external antennas. Some pilots have shared lower signal strength with the original RC, an issue the external antennas should address.

The DJI RC 2 controller

We also see a bigger battery for the Air 3 in the leaked photos.

From what we’ve learned, the Air 3 will have a battery capacity of 62.6 watt-hours (4241mAh)—a jump up of 30% from the Air 2S’s battery capacity, and one that will almost definitely increase flight time.


Also, from looking at the photos it appears that the batteries will load from the back instead of the top, as they’re loaded with the Air 2S.

Another note on the battery topic—based on the Fly More Combo pictures, it looks like there will be a carrying case for batteries with the Air 3, which will make battery storage a lot easier.

How Much Will the Air 3 Cost?

According to information accidentally shared on Amazon UK, the DJI Air 3 will only be sold with a controller (the DJI RC-N2 or the RC-N2) or as part of a Fly More Combo. It won’t be sold on its own—at least not yet.

Here’s all the pricing information we have so far:

Air 3 with the RC-N2 Controller

Price: $1,217 (£962)


Air 3 Fly More Combo with the DJI RC-N2 Controller

Price $1,516 (£1,199)


Air 3 Fly More Combo with the DJI RC 2 Controller

Price: $1,744 (£1,379)


More Photos of the Air 3

Here are all the leaked photos we’ve seen lately of the DJI Air 3:





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