UAV Coach Delivers Hands-On Drone Training to 1,000th Student and Expands to 11 New Cities

BY Zacc Dukowitz
22 April 2021

UAV Coach celebrated a fun milestone this past weekend—delivering hands-on drone flight training to its 1,000th student.

Since its first training class three years ago, UAV Coach’s drone flight training program has grown considerably to include 32 locations in 20 states throughout the U.S.

And while UAV Coach trains folks to fly drones in a wide variety of industries like public safety, construction, filmmaking, real estate marketing, etc., its 1,000th student is a 10-year old who wanted to learn how to fly drones for fun with his grandfather.


About UAV Coach’s Drone Flight Training Program

UAV Coach’s on-demand, one-on-one flight training sessions are tailored for each individual and led by expert FAA-certified drone pilots, allowing students with a range of experience to get exactly what they want out of their training session.

Training sessions typically take place outside in places like public parks and school athletic fields.

Christian [Tucci] was outstanding!!! Not only was he knowledgeable and experienced, but he was also an excellent teacher. I left with a much, much higher level of confidence than when I arrived.

– Flight Training Student in Hempstead, NY

Here is what is covered during a typical flight training session:

  • Meet with an expert and friendly instructor in a convenient outdoor location, like a park or athletic field
  • Learn on a popular DJI drone model provided by the instructor
  • Have 45-60 minutes of hands-on flying time to master orientation, basic flight maneuvers and more advanced flight skills
  • Walk through the DJI Go 4 or DJI Fly app
  • Learn how to handle obstacles such as lost GPS, low battery charge or emergencies
  • Practice flying under various intelligent flight modes
  • Capture photo and video at your flight location
  • Understand best practices of being a safe drone pilot
  • Ask questions about regulations, software, flight operations management, and more

Personalization is a big focus of the flight training program, with instructors working to tailor each training to the student’s skill level, industry interest, and / or application the student wants to learn.


While instructors make sure to cover the basics of safety in these sessions their top priority is to address the specific needs and interests of each student.

I had never flown a drone before, so I had very little knowledge of what to do or how to do it. Joey Ambrose did a great job of explaining the app, the controls, safety, and how to get me off the ground (so to speak). I was able to fly and maneuver my UAV with ease and now feel much more comfortable with it’s operation and I’m looking forward to getting the most out videos and pictures from my DJI Mini 2.

– Flight Training Student in Tucson, AZ

11 New Locations in 2021—and Growing

Judy Hintz, UAV Coach’s Manager of Instructor Operations, is leading the charge for expansion. Finding new instructors is challenging, because each one is meticulously researched and vetted to make sure UAV Coach students get the best possible experience in their training.

I go through a rigorous review and onboarding process with every one of our instructors. We have to balance the growth of our program with making sure that each new instructor meets our high standards.

– Judy Hintz, Manager of Instructor Operations at UAV Coach


Here’s a list of the new flight training locations that have been added since 2021:

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