Drone News Roundup: DJI Inspire 3 Firmware Update, Tesla Cybertruck vs. DJI Inspire Drone, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
9 November 2023

This week we’re covering the latest DJI Inspire 3 firmware update.

We’re also covering footage of a Tesla cybertruck slamming into a DJI Inspire drone, a video shot by Nathan McBride over a month of flying the DJI Inspire 3, an aerial tour of Peru captured by FPV drone, and sharing a guide covering all things drone photogrammetry.

Now let’s get to those links!

DJI Inspire 3 Firmware Updates


DJI dropped a huge firmware update for their latest Inspire drone. So if you’re a proud owner of an Inspire 3, make sure you update the firmware before you take flight next. Some notable features include:

  • Added Vision Assist
  • Added Cruise Control
  • Added Timed Shot
  • Added Standby at Start Point when using Repeatable Routes mode

View the full list in the link below!


Tesla Cybertruck vs. DJI Inspire Drone

What happens when a Tesla cybertruck hits a DJI Inspire drone? No surprise—the drone loses. The backstory to this shot of a massive electric truck plowing into an Inspire drone is that the truck is hauling a 3,500-pound rocket engine at a SpaceX facility. (The engine is called a Raptor 2.) The footage was shot for promotional material to show how powerful the Tesla truck is, with the Inspire there to get some aerial footage. But then—well, you can see for yourself what happened in the clip.


A Month with the DJI Inspire 3

A Month with DJI Inspire 3 by Nathan McBride

Nathan McBride makes some incredible drone videos. This one features footage he shot over a month of travel with the DJI Inspire 3. About flying the Inspire 3, he said: “I haven’t gotten this excited for a new piece of equipment in a long time if ever. The shots that I’m able to get using this tool [are] just next level, even Hollywood-like.” Watch the video to see all the beautiful footage he was able to capture over a month of working with DJI’s latest drone for shooting high-quality cinematic footage.


Peru through the Eyes of a Condor

PERU through the eyes of a Condor | Cinematic FPV

Peru is a wild, beautiful place. And YouTuber Joshua Turner has captured it incredibly in this drone tour of the country. Using an Iflight FPV drone equipped with a GoPro Hero 10 Bones, Turner captured shots from a huge array of the landscapes found in Peru, including sweeping shots of the Andes mountains, the Maras salt mines, rain forests, and parts of the Amazon. Take a look and be transported.


Guide to Drone Photogrammetry

Drone photogrammetry is the science of using aerial images captured by drones to create detailed and accurate 2D maps and 3D models of physical landscapes and structures.In this in-depth guide to drone photogrammetry, we’ll cover what it is, how to do it, and the top photogrammetry drones on the market, as well as how to navigate the choice between using photogrammetry or LiDAR for making 3D models.


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