The Top 10 Extreme Sports FPV Drone Videos

BY Zacc Dukowitz
1 September 2021

As drone technology has improved over the last several years we’ve seen some incredible videos come out showcasing mind blowing athletic stunts.

This roundup shares some of our favorite FPV videos of extreme sports. From motocross, to mountain biking, to base jumping, these videos show us how FPV drones can capture the moment in a way that nothing else can.

We should point out that the focus here isn’t necessarily on skillful FPV flying, though there is plenty of it on display in these videos.

Instead, the main focus here is on insanely skilled—and sometimes just insane—athletic accomplishments captured by FPV drone.

Let’s get into it.

1. Base Jumping from a Moving Car


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This video from Instagrammer @NIKOFILMZ ranks among some of the craziest things we’ve seen captured by a drone.

As if base jumping off a bridge weren’t extreme enough, these jumpers decided to ride on the top of a moving car, doing forward and backward flips into the air before releasing their parachutes.

Not only are the stunts impressive—and terrifying—the piloting can’t have been easy to pull off, given the factors of the moving vehicle and the need to avoid hitting the base jumpers while they’re rocketing through the air.

2. Porsche’s High Octane FPV Drone Car Launch

Drive2Extremes: Taycan Cross Turismo x Johnny FPV

Porsche has been releasing some amazing content lately made with and by drones, and this high octane FPV video shot by Johnny FPV is a great example.

The video was made to promote Porsche’s new Taycan Cross Turismo. It spans locations, from the snowy woods of Finland to the deserts of the United Arab Emirates, seamlessly blending one spot into the other.

You don’t have to be a fan of racing to enjoy the impressive driving, FPV piloting, and exotic locations featured in this video.

3. Mountain Biking Drone Video Shows Harrowing Descent in Scotland

Danny MacAskill - The Slabs

This adrenaline-filled FPV video was shot using a combination of GoPros mounted on the bicyclist and FPV racing drones.

It features some incredible, occasionally nail-biting mountain biking from Danny MacAskill, a professional street trials mountain bike rider.

The ride took place in the Dubh Slabs, located on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where MacAskill is from. According to him, it was “some of the steepest terrain I have ever ridden”—and it was practically in his backyard.

4. Tightrope Walking Across Colorado Canyon

This video featuring FPV shots captured by drone pilot and videographer Will Strathmann is a great blend of impressive flying and extreme stunts.

With stunning shots of the Rocky Mountains, close flying along high-rise buildings in Denver, and shots weaving in and out as a tightrope walker makes his way across a canyon, this video has everything we want in FPV flying.

Of course, the tightrope walking is the reason this video lands on this list, but the whole thing is well worth watching.

5. Single Take Parkour with Multiple Athletes

2021 SINGLE TAKE NOMINEE - Parkour FPV drone sequence shot by Vladimir Metivier

This video is intense.

In a single take, several parkour athletes run across a roof, doing stunts and making huge jumps that take our breath away. The video is lightning fast, coming in at just around 35 seconds—well worth watching if your nerves can handle it.

6. FPV Drone Chases a Skateboarder on a Mega Ramp

FPV Drone Chases Pro Skateboarder on Mega Ramp

Not only does this video feature amazing FPV footage of an X Games Gold Medalist, it also has a cool flyover of the skateboard compound where the mega ramp is located, showing you all the other skate spots that can be found on the property.

7. One Shot Motocross Video

One-Take FPV Freeride Send-Fest w/ Tyler Bereman

Produced in a partnership between Red Bull and DJI, this drone video shot by Johnny FPV features a stunning single-shot ride with Freeride MX pro Tyler Bereman.

Something we love about this video is that, in addition to the sheer athleticism on display, Bereman also has a real flow to how he rides, making extreme stunts look easy.

A Few More Extreme Videos

To close out this roundup of extreme sports videos we wanted to share three favorites that don’t quite fit the description.

These videos weren’t shot by FPV drones and they don’t exactly feature extreme sports—but they’re still a lot of fun. And even if they’re not all strictly drone videos, we see them as at least drone-adjacent.

Hope you enjoy them!

8. Video Shows World’s First Manned Racing Drones in Action

Worlds First Manned Drone Racing Flyingcar

Despite all the buzz around drone taxis, this is the first time we’ve heard about manned racing drones—flying cars that people use for sport.

This video was created by a company called Star 8 Green, and showcases new single-seater racing drones developed by its head of eVTOL (Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing). That person’s name is Kyxz (pronounced “kicks”) Mendiola, and he’s the pilot flying the red racing drone in the video above.

Even though the video is more of a proof-of-concept than an actual race, the tech—and the racing itself—is just too cool not to watch.

9. Video of Man Flying in a Jetsuit Shot by Self-Flying Skydio Drone

Wondering if jetsuits will ever be a reality? Well, it looks like they already are, based on this video shot by a Skydio drone flying in follow-me mode.

The video was shared on Twitter by Gravity, a British company focused on aeronautical innovation whose mission is to “reimagine human flight and inspire a generation to dare ask ‘what if!'”

10. Guy Tries to Catch a Ride on a Big Rig Drone, Learns a Lesson

You could just call this video, “What never to do with a drone.”

It could be that these guys saw Casey Neistat’s Human Flying Drone video from 2017, but they missed several steps in the planning process—almost all of them safety-related.

As you can see in the tweet above, the video has caught the attention of Romeo Durscher, former head of public safety at DJI, who shares some of his thoughts about other ways this could have ended badly.

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