Drone News Roundup: Viral Drone Light Show Video, Cinewhoop Takes You Behind the Scenes at The View, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
1 September 2022

This week we’re covering a new viral video that takes you on a quick tour through everything that goes into putting on a drone light show, including some incredible shots from the show itself.

We’re also covering an FPV fly through that takes you on a behind-the-scenes tour of The View, a recent firmware update for the DJI Mavic 3 that makes it compatible with the RC Pro, the permanent halt of production for Snap’s Pixy drone after just four months on the market, and an announcement that DroneUp will be creating over 650 jobs in Virginia.

Now let’s get to the links!

Viral Drone Light Show Video

@firefly_droneshows Our lights are bright 🤩 #droneshow #lightshow #fyp #foryou #dronetiktok #worththewait #dronevideo #drones #epic #ufo #PartyWithVMAs #hardwork #lights #bright #flower #batteries #cooltech #swarm #GenshinTeleport #viral ♬ original sound – Firefly Drone Shows

This short video from Firefly Drone Shows has racked up almost five million views in just a few days, and you can see why. In just one minute, the video takes you from the prep that goes into putting on a drone light show and into the show itself. The clips from the show are impressive, but it’s also interesting to watch the light show team setting up and breaking down the show, and everything that goes into making that happen.


New Cinewhoop Takes Audience Behind the Scenes of The View

"The View" Takes Flight in Behind-The-Scenes Drone Shoot | The View

This fun new cinewhoop takes us on an impressive backstage tour of The View. The video starts with the drone gliding over people in costume waiting for their cue, then slides down tight passes behind the set and passing through a banter-filled breakroom before spiraling through a large props and costumes storage area and a dressing area, and on up the stairs to a series of offices where people are working diligently to solve last-minute issues for making the episode. We end with a perfectly timed entrance onto the stage just as the show is starting, with the drone landing directly in front of Whoopi Goldberg—who promptly knocks it out of the sky with a characteristic bit of grumpiness.


Firmware Updates Fix Mini 3 Pro’s Hyperlapse Stability Issues, Make It Compatible with the RC Pro

Credit: DJI

A new firmware update for the DJI Mini 3 Pro has fixed the stability issues that users have been complaining about with its Hyperlapse mode, an intelligent flight mode that lets the Mini 3 Pro automatically create a timelapse video. The new firmware update also makes the Mini 3 Pro compatible with the RC Pro, an upgrade that’s been anticipated for a while now (you’ll need to update the firmware on your RC Pro to make it compatible with the Mini 3 Pro). Finally, the new firmware improves the potential image quality you can get for Panorama shots by increasing the camera tilt angle range.

The Mini 3 Pro’s firmware update is v01.00.0300 and it can be found here. The RC Pro’s firmware update is v03.01.0900 and it can be found here.


Production Stops for Snap’s Pixy Drone after Just Four Months

Credit: Snap

Just four months after announcing the launch of its Pixy selfie drone, Snap (the company that owns Snapchat) has decided to permanently stop production. When it first launched back in May, the Pixy seemed like the perfect compliment to Snapchat, since it required no piloting skills and could capture quick aerial shots that were perfect for social media. In a recent Q&A, CEO of Snap Evan Spiegel said that initial sales had been disappointing for the Pixy and that the company was refocusing in anticipation of downturns in the economy. This is Snap’s second foray into making camera-adjacent hardware, and its second failure—back in 2017, Snap launched a sunglasses-camera product called Spectacles whose first iteration also failed to take off (the second iteration didn’t do well either).


DroneUp Announces $27 Million Investment to Create 655 new jobs in Virginia

Credit: DroneUp

DroneUp recently announced plans to spend over $27 million to expand its headquarters in the city of Virginia Beach. $7 million of the investment will go to expanding the company’s offices and $20.2 million will go to the creation of a training and research facility at Richard Bland College. In total, DroneUp says that 655 jobs will be created from these two projects. DroneUp also plans to open three more drone delivery programs in Virginia this year.


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