Drone News Roundup: Insane FPV of Moving Train, ASU Drone Show, and More!

BY Zacc Dukowitz
2 November 2023

This week we’re covering an impressive FPV of a moving train in Iowa.

We’re also covering a video highlighting a recent drone light show put on by ASU students for at an ASU football game, 15 training exercises to help you beef up your drone piloting skills, and a video featuring cinematic slow-mo shots from the DJI Air 3.

Now let’s get to those links!

Insane FPV Drone Video of Moving Train


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A post shared by Jay Christensen (@jaybyrdfilms)

Cinewhoop master, Jay Christensen has blown our minds again with another FPV fly through. This time, featuring a moving train. This video is impressive – in one single shot we go from flying towards the train, underneath the train, and you guessed it…right inside the train! This video was filmed in partnership with Travel Iowa. I don’t know about you, but I’m certainly intrigued to pay a visit to Iowa after seeing that cool shot!


ASU Drone Show Lights Up Game Night

ASU drone show lights up game night: Arizona State University

Now this is a cool project. Ana Herruzo, an associate professor at Arizona State University, recently led a team of students in designing a four-minute drone light show. To get the 600 drones required to make the show Herruzo partnered with Nova Sky Stories, which has an ongoing collaboration with the ASU Media and Immersive eXperience (MIX) Center. The drone light show was put on during the halftime show at the USC-ASU football game—check out the video for the full story.


15 Drone Training Exercises to Learn How to Fly a Drone

How to Edit Your Drone Footage | Step-by-Step Guide on Using Lightroom for Beginners

Trying to get better at flying your drone? Our hands-on flight training instructors have taught hundreds of drone pilots how to fly over the last few years. In this video, you’ll see 15 of our favorite exercises we put new drone pilots through when training them, including how to hover and yaw, target practice, and how to take a dronie. If you’ve been looking for resources to help you beef up your drone pilot skills, this video is for you.


DJI Air 3: Slow Motion Cinematic Shots


DJI has released so many drones this year that it’s easy to forget just how new—and just how highly anticipated—many of them were when they came out. One clear case is the DJI Air 3, which came out just a few months back. The biggest upgrade with the Air 3 is that it has a dual wide-angle and tele camera system, while the Air 2 only had a single visual sensor. This video from YouTuber Stéphane Couchoud features slow-mo shots he took along a railroad track near his home, including shots of a steam train, showcasing the beautiful cinematic footage you can get with the Air 3’s two lenses.


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