Drone Laws in Israel

A list of drone regulations and links for drone pilots in Israel.


From one of our UAV Coach community members:

Because of Israel’s security situation, there are hundreds of areas, some quite small (the size of a military base) and others huge (the entire west bank and large areas close to the borders) around the country where overflying with a drone would be very problematical. I’m not saying it would get shot down, but the pilot could expect a very quick visit (within minutes) from police. I know this from experience. Again, nothing to worry about drone confiscations (but your memory cards could be confiscated) but it’s not a pleasant experience.

A license and insurance is required – this is obtained automatically by joining the Israel Aero Club. (Send them email here: office@aeroclub.org.il) At this point in time it costs 450 NIS for a year’s membership which give you an automatic license to fly up to 50 meters and insurance.

To fly at up to 250 meters you need an advanced pilots license that includes a lot of theory and is issued by the Ministry of Transport – this is generally for commercial pilots.

Flights above 250 meters are forbidden without advanced approval.

If people are thinking of coming to Israel with drones, they should contact the Israel aero club to find out if the areas they want to fly in are problematical.

Israel Regional Governing Body

Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI)

Civil Aviation Authority Law


CAAI Article outlining core regulations:

Model Aircraft

ENR 1.1, Paragraph 10

UAV Operator Qualification Requirements

Pilot license issued by CAAI
UAV registered with CAAI
Company registered in Israel
Annual license to operate registered UAV from Ministry of Transportation

Additional Guidelines

No-fly zones:

Google map of no-fly zones: