Want to Become a Certified Drone Pilot? Get $107 Off Drone Pilot Ground School During Our Black Fly-Day Sale

BY Liz Gibson
9 November 2023

Want to become certified to fly a drone for work?

UAV Coach is currently offering a special discount for our Black Fly-Day sale (get it?) to help you become FAA-certified.

Now through November 24, you can get $107 off Drone Pilot Ground School to help you prepare for the FAA’s Part 107 test.

What Is the Part 107 Test?

The FAA requires all commercial drone pilots to pass the Part 107 knowledge test. If you want to fly a drone to make money in the U.S., you have to pass the test as part of the certification process.

The Part 107 test is dense and involved, covering topics like the knowledge needed to operate a drone commercially in the U.S., how to read sectional charts, radio communications, and knowledge about weather and micrometeorology.

To help pilots prepare for the test, we created Drone Pilot Ground School, an online test prep and training course to help you learn everything you need to know to pass the test.

We launched Drone Pilot Ground School the same day the FAA launched the Part 107 test, back in June of 2016.

Since then, we’ve trained over 50,000 drone pilots, from solo pilots working for themselves to enterprise teams working for large companies.

Here are some important things to know about Drone Pilot Ground School:

  • Over 99% of our students pass the Part 107 test on their first try
  • If you don’t pass, we’ll give you your money back and cover your test center fee ($175)
  • We have 3,500 5-star reviews
  • You get personalized 1:1 support with a Part 107 exam success coach
Drone Pilot Ground School | FAA Part 107 Drone Certification Test Prep

Here’s an overview of everything Drone Pilot Ground School provides to help you prepare for the Part 107 test:

  • 70+ video and text lessons
  • Lesson quizzes and five practice tests
  • Real FAA test questions
  • A 12-page cram sheet
  • A Drone Pilot Knowledge Center with the most common questions and a searchable Q & A database

Ready to start your path toward becoming a certified drone pilot?

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How Can I Make Money as a Certified Drone Pilot? And How Much Will I Make?

Certified drone pilots can make anywhere from a few thousand dollars a year to a comfortable six-figure salary.

Watch this video for an overview on how much money professional drone pilots make, and keep reading for examples of the kinds of work certified drone pilots are currently doing in the U.S.

How Much Money Does a Professional Drone Pilot Make?


When you look at the professional drone pilot landscape, there are typically two categories of pilots who work flying drones. One category is those who work for themselves, and the other is those who work as part of an in-house drone team at a company.

Among those who work for themselves, some do it as a side hustle while keeping a full-time job doing something completely different, while others build their work into a specialty, making a significant income and developing deep skills for specific types of drone operations.

Here are a few places where certified drone pilots are making money right now.

Property Marketing

How much you can make: Hourly rates can vary from $25/hour all the way up to $200 or more.

Aerial images are becoming more and more commonplace for helping realtors to market and sell their properties.

real estate aerial videography drone laws

Drone photos can help showcase the unique features of a property, especially for larger ones. And drone videos of the interior and exterior can help realtors give prospective buyers a more up-close experience.


How much you can make: There’s a wide range—high end inspectors can make several thousand a day, while those doing roof inspections can make about $70 per roof inspection.

Drones are now commonly used for roof inspections, helping home inspectors to get a better—and safer—view of the condition of a roof. Drones are also being used for industrial inspections, including inspections inside dangerous confined spaces with specialty drones like Flyability’s Elios 3.


To break into roof inspection work with drones, you can start working for a drone pilot network like DroneBase. As you build your resume, you may want to break away, and start doing this work on your own.

On the other hand, industrial inspections offer much higher payouts but they also require expensive equipment and can require inspection-specific knowledge for the industry in which you plan to work.

There is also inspection work for drone pilots at telecommunications companies like Verizon and AT&T, where drones are regularly used to inspect cell towers and power lines.

Aerial Cinematography

How much you can make: Drone pilots working on T.V. and movie productions can make $200-$500 an hour, or $1,000—$2,000 a day, depending on the project and type of work.

As drones become more mainstream and the value they can offer T.V. and movie productions becomes more popularly understood, the demand for drone pilots who can do this kind of work continues to grow.


That being said, this work will probably not come quickly.

If you want to break into drone piloting for T.V. and movies, we recommend first starting by doing aerial photography and videography work for local businesses, real estate, weddings, or other places where aerial imagery is in demand. These experiences and the resulting portfolio you create can help you build your piloting chops, make connections, and bootstrap your way into work in professional aerial cinematography.

Become a Certified Drone Pilot

Ready to start your journey toward becoming a certified drone pilot?

Save $107 off Drone Pilot Ground School now through November 24

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