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Yuneec Reveals Two New Drones Are in the Works for Public Safety and Enterprise—Introducing the H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE

BY Isabella Lee
13 March 2019

Yuneec’s commercially proven H520 hexacopter will soon be joined by two new models: the H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE.

Yuneec H520 SkyHopper Announcement

Yuneec H520 with E10T camera. Final products with Mobilicom may vary slightly in design. Source: Yuneec


Yuneec envisions these two drones providing solutions to professionals in security, public safety, disaster relief, and naval operations. To serve these industry sectors, both drone solutions will incorporate high-end cybersecurity and encryption, dedicated frequencies, and interference-avoidance capabilities.

The new H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE were designed with enhancements for:

  • Long-range operations
  • Non-line-of-sight operations
  • Beyond-line-of-sight operations
  • Urban operations

Based on some of the design enhancements, in comparison to the existing H520, we expect these new models to have a longer battery life (30+ minutes), increased durability (perhaps water-resistant), and more customizable payload options.

Yuneec Partners with Mobilicom on New H520 Models

Yuneec has partnered with Mobilicom to develop the H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE.

The new drones will be based on Yuneec’s existing H520 hexacopter, well-known for its high reliability, safety and precision, and Mobilicom’s innovative SkyHopper and LTE technology.

SkyHopper is an end-to-end product portfolio from Mobilicom that includes communication data links, video processing, and analytics solutions, controller systems and viewing systems for commercial drones. In addition to hardware, SkyHopper offers software for drone security, encryption, cyber protection, and mission planning.

In listening to the needs of our commercial & federal customers within this segment, it was our objective to come up with a solution that would answer their pain points. The partnership with Mobilicom enables us to successfully address these unmet needs and offer them two groundbreaking products.

—Joe Schamuhn, VP of Global Sales, Yuneec International

Yuneec Solves Pain Points of Enterprise and Government Drone Users

Yuneec and Mobilicom have designed the soon-to-be-released H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE to uniquely address challenges faced by enterprise and government drone users.

High-End Security & Interference Avoidance

Commercial & government users require a highly secure system when conducting drone operations that involve sensitive information. These two new drone solutions will include high-end validated encryption, dedicated and ISM frequency bands, software defined radio or LTE + secured server data links and ISM jamming resistance. Both drones also mitigate backdoor cyber risks of high concern by government organizations.

Flexible End-to-End Solution & Connectivity

Furthermore, the drones offer a complete solution with add-ons for teams on land and sea.  Ruggedized controllers, remote viewing terminals, flexible payloads, and optional RTK/PPK precision and networking capabilities meet the needs of operators in challenging environments.

A Reliable & Cost-Effective Solution

Yuneec’s drone systems have been of the most successful professional drone solutions for years and successfully sold to the masses. The joint solutions will prove cost-effective while providing the commercial and government market with the necessary features to execute its operations.

SkyHopper brings a high-end, end-to-end solution for the government, federal and commercial market, embedded into Yuneec’s mass marketed proven commercial drone system. This offering serves as an unmatchable, cost-effective drone solution for the commercial and government market.

— Oren Elkayam, CEO, Mobilicom

Availability of the H520 SkyHopper and H520 SkyHopper LTE

Prototypes of both drone solutions officially launched at UTSec, the Summit for Drones, Unmanned Technology and Security in Nuremburg, Germany on March 6 and 7, 2019.

Still in the prototyping phase, Yuneec has yet to release the official specs for the new products. Yuneec spokesperson, Jason Farhadi, told UAV Coach the company “will have details and specs in the coming weeks to share.” We believe we could see these new drones available for purchase as soon as April/May 2019 and will share updates as they become available. In the meantime, head over to our Yuneec community forum board to let us know what design and performance features you hope to see in the new H520 models.

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