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Yes, We’re Giving Away a GHOST Aerial Drone + Gimbal ($799)

BY Alan Perlman
21 September 2015

Been looking to pick up one of the UAV industry’s hottest new drone models?

You’re in the right place!

In this limited-time raffle, we’re bringing you a ready-to-fly GHOST Aerial Drone from Ehang, valued at $799.

Ehang just raised $42M in funding and is making waves in the UAV industry. We’re beyond excited that they’re letting us raffle off their GHOST Aerial Drone.

GHOST Aerial Drone (Android Version):

  • Equipped with a detachable 2D Brushless Camera Mount Gimbal, fit for all GoPro editions and similarly sized cameras.
  • Easy to fly: one-click commands via your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Control height and orientation through the app by sliding bars, and the rest is taken care of.
  • Wind/Water resistant: moderately windy and rainy weather can’t stop you from flying!
  • Night mode: LED lights to track drone in the sky
  • Flight time: an impressive 30 minutes (20 minutes with a gimbal and GoPro attached)

Is this a brand-spanking new drone?

No, not quite. I may have brought it into the air a couple of times. You know, for testing purposes.

Seriously though, it’s an impressive set of autonomous features, and if you’ve got a GoPro or similarly-sized camera laying around, a fun tool for aerial photography / videography capture. Make sure you have an Android device to fly.

The raffle winner will receive two boxes, one with the quadcopter and its components, the other with the gimbal.

Both boxes are padded and come with clear instructions about how everything fits together. This model is well-structured and ready-to-fly!

Enter the raffle here.

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