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Verydrone Launches Drone Showroom in Pompano Beach, Florida

BY Alan Perlman
3 November 2016

As the drone industry continues to evolve, so does the ecosystem of business opportunities, entrepreneurial leaders and services. From certification test prep training to drone service marketplaces, we’ve seen a wide variety of new businesses “take off.” Pun intended.

Enter Verydrone.

I’ve been fortunate enough to run into the Verydrone team (twice!) over the last several months in both Orlando and Las Vegas, and both times we chatted about their new retail store.


I just received their official press release via email and wanted to help get the word out about their retail showroom, officially launching on November 10th.

Both Josh and Ben are passionate enthusiasts and entrepreneurs who wanted to create a safe, educational space for other drone hobbyists and commercial operators. I’m really excited for them and happy to share their good news below.

Details below, written by the Verydrone team:

Verydrone, soon to be Pompano Beach’s very first drone technology company, will be unveiling its retail showroom on November 10th, located at 2101 N Federal Hwy Suite D201, inside the Pompano Citi Centre. This location will serve as headquarters for their operations and will feature a retail showroom and education & service center.

The first facility of its kind in Pompano Beach, Verydrone will bring the new and exciting drone technology to consumers and enterprise alike. Retail and services will be the forefront of this location but will also host flight classes for consumers and research and development for integration of drone technology for enterprise. A step into Verydrone’s retail showroom is a step into the future.


Designed like no other drone technology retailer, Verydrone features a very quaint, chic, and modern atmosphere where drone pilots and film makers can come to relax and share their newest video creation or story from their latest flight. Verydrone will be selling and servicing all major drone brands including DJI, Yuneec, Autel Robotics, and Parrot.

Verydrone is founded by two recent college graduates, Josh Barth and Ben Bardy, who bring a combined 25 years of experience in filmmaking, drones, and model aircraft.


Together, they hope to share their experiences and knowledge with consumers who are looking to learn more about this exciting and new technology. Josh and Ben both met during an internship working for one of the larger drone manufacturers in the country and have grown a passion for the drone industry ever since. Ben, Co-Founder and Lead Engineer states:

Verydrone plans to bring drone technology mainstream, advocate the safe operations of drones, and bring light to the many benefits the technology has to offer.

Verydrone’s purpose is simple: to educate, illustrate, and provide.  Drone culture is not just a hobby, for some it’s their passion, others their career and for most a lifestyle that is a relief from the stresses of everyday life. Verydrone wants to create a family of drone enthusiasts where they can all share their stories, experiences, and work, all while growing in knowledge and friendships. So come, join us on this adventure we like to call Verydrone.

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