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An Invitation to Help Influence U.S. Drone Regulations

BY Alan Perlman
22 March 2016

The drone / sUAS industry is changing more quickly than ever before, particularly in the United States.

With the FAA expected to shake things up over the next few months, many people believe the dangers imposed by sUAS are being over-exaggerated and not fully understood. Many others believe the Section 333 Exemption process to be flawed and are patiently awaiting a better commercial certification / licensing process.

For these reasons (and to ensure your voice is heard), I’m encouraging you to share your thoughts in a 5-minute market research survey.

Let’s continue to push the drone community forward with safe, responsible sUAS operations.

While each individual survey response will be kept anonymous, in May 2016, our team will aggregate the results and share the data with sUAS legislators, stakeholders, and media members.

If you have a few moments to spare, I invite you to complete the survey.

Fly safe,


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