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New Drone Insurance Company SkyWatch.AI Uses Pilot Safety Score and A.I. to Set Rates as Low as $5 an Hour

BY Zacc Dukowitz
7 June 2018

There’s a new on-demand drone insurance company in town.

SkyWatch.AI has been making headlines recently for their low rates, which they’re able to achieve through a combination of Artificial Intelligence and their proprietary Safety Score.


SkyWatch.AI uses algorithms based on A.I. to analyze the potential risk for a given drone mission by factoring in potential hazards such as weather conditions, the proximity of roads, No Fly Zones, airports, and crowds. The outcome of weighing these risks helps set the cost for each individual mission a pilot flies—low risk missions get lower rates, and those rates in turn incentivize pilots to weigh situational risks when planning their missions.

They also have a Safety Score that they give to drone pilots using their app. Safer pilots get lower rates, which helps encourage safe flying. The software works by collecting data on a pilot’s flights and analyzing it for safety criteria. After a pilot has flown at least five missions using the SkyWatch.AI app, enough data has been collected for the pilot to be assigned a Safety Score and start receiving reduced insurance rates based on that score (assuming the score is high, of course).


How Can You Get On Demand Insurance for $5 an Hour?

The base rates for SkyWatch.AI are $7 an hour for $0.5M liability and $10 an hour for $1M liability.

On top of these base rates, SkyWatch.AI rewards pilots with insurance discounts based on two factors: their Insurance Experience, which is the pilot’s total insured hours, and their Safety Score, which was explained above.

For example, 3 insured hours can yield a 15% discount, and a “Diamond” Safety Score can yield an additional 30% discount, which are avenues that could help drive insurance costs down to that $5 an hour amount mentioned in the title of this piece.

How Does the SkyWatch.AI App Work?

The SkyWatch.AI app isn’t just for drone insurance. It also allows pilots to plan their flights, as well as providing insights into potential hazards in their flight path mid-flight.


While flying pilots can choose to use the SkyWatch.AI Flight Module, which is fully compatible with DJI drones, to get real-time warnings and a post-flight analysis. The Flight Module also provides SkyWatch’s unique Safety Score, which you’ll probably want to take advantage of if you’re using their app—this is how you get those steep discounts on insurance we were talking about.

SkyWatch.AI provides an ingenious, holistic solution for the safety and insurance needs of the drone industry. While traditional insurers offer a “one-size-fits-all” product, we provide a tailor-made solution that is much more adequate to the risk itself.

– Tomer Kashi, CEO of SkyWatch.AI

Here’s a breakdown of what the app provides:

Pre-flight, the app helps pilots asses potential risks by revealing hazards like crowds, roads, airports, No Fly Zones, and other possible obstacles to the flight.

Mid-flight, the Flight Module sends real-time warnings to help pilots fly, including messages for critical scenarios such as when you’re approaching a road, an airport, or when your battery is running low.

Post-flight, the app allows you to view and analyze your mission to gauge it for safety, as well as giving you your safety score.


Want some tips on how to keep your Safety Score low? Here are factors that can help you get a low score:

  • Don’t fly over dense roads, in No Fly Zones, or in other prohibited / restricted areas
  • Don’t fly too far away (unfortunately we don’t have specific measurements for what “too far” means, but as long as you have a strong visual line of sight with your drone you should probably be OK)
  • Don’t fly at low altitudes, where there’s a higher risk for crashing into trees, power lines, or buildings
  • Do repeat flight plans in the same area
  • Do fly a newer drone (according to SkyWatch.AI, newer drone models like the Phantom 4Mavic Air and Inspire 2 are safer due to advanced sense and avoidance features)

SkyWatch.AI offers full customization for their on-demand insurance, with liability coverage of up to $10 million dollars.

If you already use DroneDeploy as your flights ops management tool you can sync your flight history from DroneDeploy to the SkyWatch.AI app to receive a Safety Score analysis and get insurance discounts—check out this guide for more information on how to sync the two accounts.

Want to try it out? Download the SkyWatch.AI app here.

This article was sponsored by SkyWatch.AI.

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