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SkyPixel Announces Photo of the Year and Category Winners from 2017 Annual Contest

BY Zacc Dukowitz
31 January 2018

SkyPixel just announced the winners of their 2017 annual drone photo contest, and they are pretty incredible.

It’s the second year in a row that SkyPixel has hosted this contest in partnership with DJI.

The contest was launched in 2016 to celebrate SkyPixel’s two year anniversary and DJI’s ten year anniversary. At the time SkyPixel was already one of the top aerial photography communities in the world, and since then they have become something like a household name in the drone industry. The quality of work on display in this year’s contest winners only serves to underline this fact.

A quick note about the winners: This year SkyPixel accepted entries in two different groups for each of their three categories (Landscape, Portrait, and Story). One group was for professional photographers and the other was for enthusiasts, making the contest open to a wider range of possible participants and an even more diverse pool of talent.

Now let’s take a look at the winning photographs.

Grand Prize

2017 SkyPixel Photo of the Year

SkyPixel_grand prize

“Above the Polar Bear” by Florian Ledoux

Below are SkyPixel’s first place winners in each of the three categories offered this year for both the professional and enthusiast groups. You can see second and third place winners, as well as other nominations and favorites, on the SkyPixel website.


Professional Group—First Place Winner


 “Suns Up, Nets Out” by Zay Yar Lin


Enthusiast Group—First Place Winner

“Lobster Farm” by Trung


Professional Group—First Place Winner


“Balmora Ball” by Petra Leary


Enthusiast Group—First Place Winner

“Dancer” by Cocoanext


Professional Group—First Place Winner 


“大地之殇”——人造自然启示录* by Wang Feng

*No direct translation available


Enthusiast Group—First Place Winner










“Fishing at Inle River” by Crystal

Remember, the photos featured above are only the first place winners for each category and group—make sure to check out the second and third place winners, as well as lots more nominated and popular selections on the SkyPixel contest results page.

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