Stunning Selections from Submissions to Skypixel’s 2022 Drone Photo & Video Contest

BY Zacc Dukowitz
7 December 2022

Skypixel’s annual drone photo and video contest is in its 8th year, and it’s currently accepting aerial photo and video submissions.

This year, the long-running contest put on in partnership by DJI and its social media arm Skypixel is offering a whopping $143,000 dollars worth of prizes in drones and drone accessories.

The 2022 SkyPixel Annual Contest

To drive engagement and get people interested in submitting, and interested in the contest in general, SkyPixel has been sharing selected drone photos from the 2022 submission pool on the DJI forum. (Submissions are open now until January 9, 2023—learn more here.)

The weekly selections showcase the quality and variety of submissions, and so far have been organized under different themes. At the bottom right of each selected photo SkyPixel has included the drone model used to take the picture, the name of the photo, and the SkyPixel community handle of the drone pilot who took the picture.

The two themes covered so far are drone portraits and creatures. Keep reading to see the pictures that have been shared so far.


These photos were shared from the SkyPixel account on the DJI forum.


A seal poses for its aerial glamour shot in Iceland.


Sheep on the Grassland

A herd of sheep grazes along green grasslands in Guizhou, China.


White Flock

A flock of birds passes above a blood-red tide.


Camel Shadows

An early-morning camel line crosses the desert, casting long shadows along the sand.


Double Trouble

Two spotted eagle rays glide through the shallows in Byron Bay, Australia.


On the Beach

Two horses and their riders stroll along the beach in Scotland.


Team Work

Everything is more fun and a little bit easier with a friend.


Sea Me

Two sharks intimidating a school of menhaden fish just off the coast of Long Island, New York.


Entering The Underworld

The tail of a sperm whale breaks the surface in the icy waters off the Greenland coast.

Drone Portraits

These photos were shared from the SkyPixel account on the DJI forum.

The Blue Tear

Wind ripples across cerulean pools as a girl in red looks on.


Romantic Wedding

Warm sunshine, pristine sands, and a fresh sea breeze greet newlyweds.



Even a casual bike ride can reveal new shapes, colors, and patterns when seen from above.


Tanning Rice

Sunshine highlights an endless ocean of golden rice.


Cherry Blossom Boulevard

Cherry blossom trees, appreciated from above and below.


A Friendly Encounter

In the water, there’s no telling what you’ll capture or encounter.


Sunset at Spiral Jetty

Sometimes things just seem to align.


Singing Dune

There’s perhaps no greater melody than the mystical song of desert sand dunes.



Harmony comes from different pieces coming together to create a whole.


Have a Drone Photo or Video You Want to Submit?


Skypixel’s annual contest is currently accepting submissions now through January 9, 2023. Winners will be announced on March 2.

Learn more and submit your drone photos and videos on the Skypixel website.

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