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SkyPixel Announces Aerial Photo Contest in Partnership with DJI

BY Alan Perlman
21 November 2016

Recently SkyPixel, the world’s largest community of aerial photography enthusiasts and professionals, announced that they’ll be celebrating their two year anniversary by hosting the 2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest. The two year anniversary celebration is timed to join in with DJI’s ten year anniversary, so the contest is also a celebration of all the advances that have been made in aerial photography, which DJI has certainly helped push forward over the last decade.

Here’s a blurb about the contest from SkyPixel’s website, which we found pretty inspirational in thinking about how far we’ve come with sUAS uses and applications:

Through this competition, we aim to show the world why aerial imaging is the next evolution of photographic art, and highlight new talents found on SkyPixel.

Here is the 2015 Grand Prize winner:

SkyPixel 2015 wi

Image Source

What Are the Categories?


SkyPixel Photo Contest BeautyWhether it’s stunning photos of natural scenery, stark urban architecture or small moments of daily life, use aerial photography to capture the many-sided beauty of the world. Submissions to the Beauty category must be captured with aerial platforms.



SkyPixel Photo Contest 360Capture a stunning 360-degree aerial panorama of the world. Submissions to the 360 Photos category must be captured with aerial platforms.




SkyPixel Photo Contest Drones in UseImages of UAVs during flight, captured from the sky or from the ground. Submissions to the Drones in Use category can be captured with regular cameras including smartphones, as well as aerial platforms.

What Are the Prizes?

dji inspire 2The grand prize will be a DJI Inspire 2, and there are a host of other prizes for each category. Check out the full list of prizes on the 2016 SkyPixel Photo Contest webpage.

Check out our recent post on the DJI Inspire 2 launch to learn more about all the features, and especially the TWO cameras, available on the new Inspire 2.

Interested in applying?

All the information you need to apply, including key dates and categories to consider, can be found on the SkyPixel website.


Want to learn more about aerial photography and which drones to consider when making a purchasing decision? Check out our this post we recently updated, 10 Best RC Drones with a Camera [Updated for Winter 2016].




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