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Enter to Win a DJI Spark When You Take Skylogic’s Short Survey

BY Zacc Dukowitz
11 July 2017

Wondering how you can help push the drone industry forward and enter to win a DJI Spark?

Simple. Just take the new Skylogic survey.

Drone Research Survey

In addition to entering a drawing to win a DJI Spark or a $100 Visa gift card, all survey participants will get a free copy of the final report (valued at $95). You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to push the industry forward by providing your answers.

Seriously—we need your help to make this study great, so please take a few minutes to input your answers.

About the Survey

Skylogic Research, LLC, which operates under the brand Drone Analyst, just announced the start of its 2017 Drone Market Sector Research. This new study promises to be one of the most comprehensive studies of drone market trends and usage to date, but we need your input to make sure that’s the case.

We’ve written lately about construction being the third wave of the drone industry, and how FPV racing presents a huge sector of the industry. This study will allow us to put data behind these business trends by closely examining consumer and commercial sectors, pinpointing business use and market share for major UAV and software brands.

In short, it will help us understand what is actually happening in the industry.

The online portion of this research seeks to get opinions about who is buying and using small unmanned aircraft systems—otherwise known as drones.

This independent research is being underwritten by Airware and DroneDeploy and is designed to uncover fresh insights on which drone industry sectors are thriving (and which aren’t) and how businesses are using drone-acquired data in their day-to-day operations.

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The survey will explore:

  • Who’s buying what types of drones from which makers at which prices and for what use?
  • How large are drone-based service providers and how and where are they positioning themselves to whom and which target industries?
  • What concerns business buyers of drone-based projects most and why?
  • How much are service providers and business buyers using flight management and data analytic software for image-based projects?

Who should take the survey?

  • Individuals or businesses who have purchased a drone in the past 12 months for any reason
  • Commercial drone service providers
  • Businesses that use drones or drone services as part of their company’s internal work or projects

Take the brief 10-minute survey here, and make sure to share it widely:

As mentioned above, for taking the survey you’ll:

  • Receive a free summary report of the research results, a $95 value
  • Be entered to win a free DJI Spark Mini Drone (a $400 value) or one of two $100 VISA gift cards.

Why This Study?

Colin Snow, CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research, believes the consumer and commercial drone market needs this study. We’ll let him take it away—

“There is a lack of objective information on the drone industry. We find an absence of credible market-based research and little understanding of the difference between large industry forecasts and actual buyer adoption rates. This study should clarify much of that.”

– Colin Snow, CEO and Founder of Skylogic Research

When complete, the research study will provide a complete view of topics like:

  • Critical industry drivers
  • Vendor and service provider market share
  • Business adoption trends and issues
  • Market size for all drones and growth projections by segment

The survey will be in market for four weeks, and results will be available in September.

Interested in past Skylogic reports? Check out this white paper of theirs we covered last year on construction and infrastructure inspection, and make sure to read their recent white paper created in partnership with InterDrone on drones in precision agriculture.

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